PSTM Certificate Online Apply | PSTM Full Form

In this blog, you will know about PSTM Certificate Online Apply. But first, we will tell you about PSTM.

What Is PSTM?

PSTM full form is Person Studied in Tamil Medium. As the name suggests, you must have successfully finished your Higher Secondary School (HSC) or equivalent, Secondary School Certificate (SSC), or any degree or post-graduate course in Tamil only. This means that all of the topics you studied for the qualifying test had to be taught in Tamil alone; English, Hindi, or any other language were the only exceptions. It denotes that you only learned Tamil from Standard 1 through Standard 10 and beyond.

The Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC) provides a 20% reservation for candidates who have completed their education in Tamil only for all open positions. The Person Studied in Tamil Medium PSTM certificate must be presented to the TNPSC and the government agency where the candidate wishes to work, however, in order to be eligible for this reservation.

Highlights Of PSTM Certificate

Certificate Name PSTM Certificate
Full Form The person Studied Tamil Nadu
Initiated By State Government
State Tamil Nadu
Beneficiaries People Of Tamil Nadu
Mode Online

Who Can Issue PSTM Certificates?

You may qualify for the PSTM certificate even if all of your coursework was in Tamil. The following organizations are authorized to issue the PSTM certificate.

  • Headmaster of the School
  • Principals of Private Schools
  • College Principals
  • Registrars of Universities
  • Registrars of Colleges
  • Deans of Universities

When a school or college doesn’t have a director or another senior official at the time of application, the District Collector or another senior official from the Department of Education may also be able to issue the PSTM certificate.

Required Documents For PSTM Certificate

This list of documents is needed if you want to register for a PSTM certificate in Tamil Nadu. You must provide these papers to any PSTM issuing authority.

  • School/ College Leaving Certificate
  • Final Mark Sheet of Qualifying Exam
  • Application for PSTM in the Tamil Language
  • Certificate of Good Character
  • No Objection Certificate from the Head of Department

Procedure For PSTM Certificate Online Apply

We have discussed PSTM Certificate. Now we will tell you about PSTM Certificate Online Apply. You can follow the given steps for PSTM Certificate Online Apply. 

  • Students must first submit an application to be the headmaster, director, or registrar.
  • the applicant’s name, subject, year, and semester.
  • Include the student’s school year as well.
  • Include any required papers.
  • Lastly, turn in the application at the workplace or institution.

What Is The Use Of PSTM Certificate?

When registering for TNPSC group examinations, you must provide a PSTM certificate as proof that you attend school in Tamil. (SSLC, HSC, and Degree). The organization where you received your academic credentials, such as a high school, college, or university, issuing the certificate.

What Is The Format Of The PSTM Certificate?

The PSTM certificate style contains the following details:

  • The identity of the pupil
  • Class/Semester/Year
  • School Year (from and to)
  • Release date
  • Place
  • Principal’s or Headmaster’s signature
  • Organizational emblem

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