Love Is an Illusion Chapter One

“Love Is An Illusion” by Joseph M. DeJarnette and Gordon Gekko presents a unique way of looking at love. It is not the blind acceptance of love which exists in the hearts of most, but rather a recognition that love is simply an illusion. The book’s title is taken from a quote by Edith Curtin: ” illusions are beautiful, but they are false.”

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love is an illusion chapter 1
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The author begins by examining the nature of love and what it is not. We all know love is a feeling, but what is reality? The book answers this question by first defining love as an emotion and then delving into some difficult to understand concepts such as the nature of memory. Love Is An illusion chapter 1 addresses these concepts in brief detail. The main theme of the text however is that love is an illusion, and the author provides several examples of just how true this is throughout the text.

This is a great little book, that will appeal to almost all readers. It is a very simple concept with some excellent advice on how to use the theory of love to your advantage. The author starts off with, “When you know how to love, nothing can hurt you.” In this sense, love is not a feeling that can be controlled or avoided. Rather, love is the state of mind you get when you truly care about someone and want them to succeed, regardless of the situation.

After exploring what love is not, the author explains what love is. The core component of the book is that love is an illusion, just like beauty or money is an illusion. The author does an excellent job of demonstrating why love is an illusion, but he does not provide any scientific proof that our perceptions of beauty and money are actually an illusion.

The author closes the book by saying, “The most important thing is to have fun.” I agree, love is an illusion, so having some fun can go a long way in making a difference in your life. This book is certainly not for everyone, but if you have a few moments to spare it might be just what you are looking for to open your eyes to the true nature of love. It is worth reading just for that alone. The main theme of the book is that love is a choice, and that we create our own reality. This works well if you are able to make changes based on what you learn in the book.

You can learn that love is an illusion by starting with yourself. This chapter will help you make a conscious decision to love yourself. I am not talking about the kind of love one experiences when falling in love, rather the love one feels when they give to themselves. By using this kind of love you can make positive changes on your own life, and even help other people do the same. It really is an amazing way to look at love and how to put it into practice. The book is motivating and encouraging.

The next section of the book helps you to examine the illusion of love. It talks about the things that make you feel loved, the feeling that you want to give love, and the feeling that others get when they give to you. It makes you see that love isn’t always about receiving and giving.

Finally, it encourages you to look deeper than the surface of your relationships and see the layers beneath. The last part of the book examines relationships in a spiritual way. It makes you question whether or not your relationships are as good as they claim to be.

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