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Wrestling movies are one of the most popular genres of all time. What would you rank as the greatest wrestling movie of all time? Many of these have been memorable or infamous in some way. This wrestling movies top list can easily be sorted by category, director, or even more.

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No list of the best wrestling movies has ever done without giving props to “Rocky Balboa”. This is one of the first films to depict a legitimate wrestling match. As a result, it set the standard for all those that followed. The matches portrayed were brutal affairs of violence. It truly was the first of its kind and remains one of the best wrestling movies ever.

In the following years, “The Hollywood Studios” succeeded with another Rocky Balboa film, “The Wrestler” (also known as ” wrestler”). Unlike its predecessor, this film featured many wrestlers. The emphasis was not on just one wrestler, but rather many, to give the audience a complete depiction of professional wrestling. This helped to give each wrestler an individual identity and made for some of the best wrestling movies of all time. It also gave emphasis on the psychological aspect of wrestling.

In the mid 90s came the most notorious wrestling film of all time. This was ” ECW”. The entire concept of ECW (which stands for “earning cash”) was to pit amateur wrestlers against major league athletes and challenge them for the championship. The matches would often include elaborate gimmicks and high level of action. These matches were filmed on pay per view cable networks and allowed fans to purchase the movie and watch as many times as they wanted at home. The popularity of “ECW” quickly translated into pay per view dollars which translated into massive profits for the company.

After “ECW” went on a string of great success, another angle was added to “ECW”. Known as “raw style wrestling”, this style included moves such as street-style wrestling, spinning submissions, and brutal knockouts. Many top-tier wrestlers are known to have come from “raw style wrestling”, including “ability” Lukerock, Shelton Benjamin, Ric Flair, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels. All of these wrestlers are now respected world wide and are paid enormous sums of money to do so.

The birth of ” WWE” is perhaps one of the biggest turning points in professional wrestling history. For decades, WWE has offered viewers a chance to witness some of the greatest matches on the independent circuit and showcase some of the very best talent available in the world today. Even though ” WWE” was known for taking “funny” angles and employing characters that were offensive, it has since become known for maintaining integrity and delivering wrestling entertainment. Many wrestlers have become popular on WWE, while others have made it to the big stage and made it their career.

Perhaps one of the more famous wrestlers to enter the wrestling industry is “CM Punk”. Punk is an Irish citizen who has gone on to become one of the most popular stars in the wrestling business. He is known for his aggressive attitude and ability to wrestle down opponents. Many other fighters have tried to emulate him, but few have been able to achieve the same success as Punk has.

Wrestlers like “RVD” and “Ace”cer have become favorites amongst wrestling fans because of their colorful, unique character. Wrestler Rich “jected” from ECW by Christian-led ECW and has gone on to be one of the most dominant wrestler on the company. He is a two-time ECW World Heavyweight champion and has a slew of experience both on and off the mat. He is a fan favorite in the ECW household and has even had a role in several award-winning films. If you are a wrestling buff, you should definitely make it a point to find out more about this legendary star.