The Hollow Man – What is it?


Hollow Man is the sequel to the hit animated movie of the same name. The first movie of the series, made by Pixar, earned $2.75 million at the box office in March 2021. The second film, based on the first, takes us further into the idyllic forests and grasslands of Depression-era New York City. The plot centers around an mute hollow man (voiced by Edward Norton) who lives on a Manhattan Island furnished to him by his wife, Evelyn (Rooney Mara), after his death. A broken and dilapidated figure, he silently cares for his only child, Lorina (Jared Rushton), who barely understands him and lives a sheltered life on the island.

hollow man 2

When a strange, unidentified assailant attacks Evelyn and causes her to slip into a deep depression, she takes her own life by stabbing herself in the heart. Widowed, she has no one to turn to except for the man she loves, Frank (Eddie Murphy). He is too young to know what to do and feels helpless. As he finds himself growing more depressed, he begins to have hallucinations that bring him back to his own reality…

As the proprietor of a traveling carnival, Frank is contracted to care for a hollow man afflicted with dementia. But the man’s dementia continues to worsen. He ignores pleas from Lorina for him to take her away from home so she can experience real life. Desperate, Frank concocts a number of games to win the affections of the woman he wants to love, but each game he wins only adds to his mental anguish. Meanwhile, Lorina suffers from an incurable disease that causes her to forget things and go insane.

When the carnival begins to suffer a disastrous decline, Frank realizes that the woman he has loved is the sole hope he has of repairing his broken relationship with his daughter. Now, he must choose to abandon his job and return home to live with his daughter, or else risk losing her. Once he realizes his folly, he comes to realize that he is responsible for his own demise. But what really is a’Hollow Man’ and how does it affect those around him?

The term’Hollow Man’ is derived from a 19th century German writer named Johanneslaus Natur. The term was taken from a paper Natur that described a type of imaginary person. According to the paper, a man like this – a hollow man – only exists within his imagination. It is unknown how Natur came to this conclusion, but it was used as the basis for the story of Hollow Man.

Hollow men do not actually exist. They are nothing more than an imaginative creation of our minds. This is evident by the numerous stories of people who have lived with them their entire lives. These people can recount their time with the’Hollow Man’ with complete accuracy. However, these tales are few and far between. The majority of’Hollow Man’tales begin with the narrator recounting their story of the hollowed-out state of their mind – how they feel during their every day lives.

The concept of the’Hollow Man’is a product of human creativity. It is the perfect symbol for the state of depression and hopelessness we all experience at one time or another. When a man wallows in his own misery, he withdraws even further from society – as much as possible. This is why it is so difficult to help such individuals find genuine happiness again.

With a little work, a man can begin to understand the concept behind the Hollow Man and how it relates to his real life. A man who wallows in his own hopelessness is not living his life to its fullest. With a little help, a man can learn to move on and be happy again.