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Watch King Arthur Legend of the Sword online free, everyday. This award winning animated film is an absolute classic. The movie has a unique blend of fantasy and fun, all while telling a timeless story. If you enjoy movies and animation then this is one you definitely need to watch.}

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When Arthur is a young man riding on a horse and meets his master Sir Lancelot he has an experience that changes his entire life. He transforms into an adult with the ability to do things other adults can not. Lancelot teaches Arthur to become the prince that was supposed to die and protects him throughout his quest until the final battle with Morgana La Fay. It is at this point in the film that Arthur is taken under the wing of a woman named Guinevere. For whatever reason, she leaves him while disguised as Guinevere, a lady knight of high status.

While in exile with her, Arthur decides to try and win back his loved ones. During this search he finds and defeats a sorceress named Morgana La Fay. At the end of the film, Arthur slays her sultry enemy and returns to Camelot to be crowned king. This is where the story begins. I was very interested in finding out more about the role of Lancelot, Guinevere and the entire story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

Through the power of online streaming video websites like Hulu and Netflix, I was able to watch the entire movie of King Arthur and its three main characters. It started with the slow and gentle introduction of Lancelot who was then faced off against strange and powerful enemy. Then I got to watch the climax of the movie when Lancelot killed his enemy and saved Arthur from a monster. This whole ordeal made me think about the life of a medieval king and how power and influence worked in those times. It also made me realize that although Lancelot and Guinevere are the main characters in Arthur, they were far from the only ones that matters in that time period.

My next stop was Hulu where I found the first two trailers for upcoming movies, including the upcoming movie King Arthur: Legend of The Sword. This movie revolves around the relationship between Lancelot and Galadria, a magician who was training Arthur and the other Knights of the Round Table. The trailer featured charlie hunnam as Arthur’s loyal knight, Wallete. I couldn’t help but compare Lancelot and Galadria to Guinevere, both of whom were major players in their own time period.

After enjoying the first two trailers, I got to watch the whole movie through the internet streaming websites. The overall experience was just as exciting as I expected it to be. I love romance movies so seeing two good guys fighting off and getting back at the bad guys reminded me of when I used to watch Disney movies with my family, such as Aladdin or Finding Nemo. The fight scenes between Lancelot and Galadria were particularly memorable because of how intense and realistic they look.

Another great thing about this movie was that I got to learn more about the characters from the books. I learned that Galadria was actually a son of Lancelot and Guinevere and not just an attempt to make the story more exciting for the audience. I also learned that Galadria wanted to avenge her father and the death of her mother, which is what eventually leads her to become Lancelot’s squire. I’m also eager to see where this story goes and if it will stick around throughout the rest of the seasons. Since I am still relatively new to this genre, I wasn’t sure where this would go but once I started watching the trailers I knew I had found an exciting and captivating king movie legend to watch.

Finally, I wanted to write a review about the book that inspired the TV series and this book is called, A CHANGED MAN. This book takes place directly after the end of ADWD, so you can expect a lot of sword fights. I enjoyed reading about how Lancelot got changed and how he relates to his past kings. I am not a huge fantasy fan, so this book might not be for me, but I think it’s worth a read just for the adventure and the thought behind the creation of a king movie legend. If you are a fan of this cast, you will definitely want to watch the TV show based on the books.

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