Vijay Kedia Portfolio 2024: Building Wealth Strategically

Investors are closely examining the portfolio of well-known Indian investor Vijay Kedia as we approach 2024. Kedia is regarded as one of the most successful investors in the Indian stock market because of his keen stock selection and perceptive market insights. This post will examine Vijay Kedia Portfolio 2024, reviewing his investing philosophies and possible market trends that could affect his decisions.

Vijay Kedia Portfolio 2024 Latest Stocks

StocksHolding Value (Rs.)Sep 2023 Holdings %
Atul Auto Ltd.357.5 Cr20.90%
Tejas Networks Ltd.274.1 Cr26
Elecon Engineering Company Ltd.142.2 Cr1.60%
Vaibhav Global Ltd.133.8 Cr2.00%
Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd.83.5 Cr1.00%
Affordable Robotic & Automation Ltd.66.7 Cr9.90%
Repro India Ltd.63.1 Cr6%
Patel Engineering Ltd.60.9 Cr1.70%
Neuland Laboratories Ltd.60.7 Cr1.30%
Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd.47.6 Cr1%
Innovators Facade Systems Ltd.40.3 Cr10.70%
Precision Camshafts Ltd.28.4 Cr1.20%
Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd.26.2 Cr1.10%
Talbros Automotive Components Ltd.23.1 Cr2.60%
Om Infra Ltd.3.8 Cr1.20%
Vijay Kedia Portfolio 2024 Latest Stocks

Vijay Kedia Portfolio 2024 Key Information

Full NameVijay Kishanlal Kedia
BirthplaceCalcutta, India
Age64 Years
OccupationInvestor and Trader
Net WorthRs 1000 Crores
Vijay Kedia Portfolio 2024 Key Information

Who is Vijay Kedia? 

The founder and managing director of the prestigious stock broking company Kedia Securities Pvt. Ltd. is Indian investor and stock trader Vijay Kedia. Kedia has impacted the investing world with his contrarian approach to investing and his mastery of both bull and bear markets.

Kedia, who was born in Kolkata in 1962, started trading stocks when he was just 17 years old and quickly became a successful trader. He established Kedia Securities Pvt. Ltd. in 1993, and it has grown to become one of India’s top stock brokerage companies.

Kedia’s self-taught approach and voracious reading habits solidify his status as a luminary in the investment community, contributing to his unusual path to success. Among his achievements are the 2004 Bombay Stock Exchange’s “Trader of the Year” award and his inclusion in Forbes magazine’s 2018 list of the top 100 richest Indians. He is also a sought-after speaker at investment conferences and the author of several books on stock trading.

Personal StoryVijay Kedia Portfolio 2024

It’s crucial to understand a little bit about the man behind his investment portfolio before delving into the specifics of it. Renowned Indian investor Vijay Kedia has been involved in the stock market for more than thirty years. With just Rs. 35,000 when he began investing in the early 1980s, he is now a billionaire with a net worth of more than Rs. 1,000 crores.

In 2004, Kedia moved to Mumbai in an attempt to achieve success, having taken over the broking business following his father’s death! Due to the enormous returns on his early investments in Atul Auto, Aegis Logistics, and Cera sanitaryware, he became well-known in the stock market. Dr. Vijay Kedia enjoys yoga and singing in his free time, aside from investing. On Twitter, he has been observed discussing his personal experiences with his songs and yoga routines.

Shares Purchased in 2023Vijay Kedia Portfolio 2024

  • Atul Auto Ltd: Acquired 1 Lakh Shares.
  • Vaibhav Global Ltd: Acquired 50,000 Shares.
  • 2 lakh shares were acquired by Repro India Ltd.
  • Innovators Facade Systems Ltd: Acquired 5 Lakh Shares.
  • Cost-effective Robotic & Automation Ltd.: Purchased Ten Lakh Shares

Shares Sold in 2023Vijay Kedia Portfolio 2024

  • One lakh shares of Patel Engineering Ltd. were sold.
  • 50% of Precision Camshafts Ltd.’s shares were sold.
  • 25,000 shares were sold by Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd.
  • 10,000 Shares of Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd. were sold.
  • 5,000 Shares of Talbros Automotive Components Ltd. were sold.

Valuable Lessons for Aspiring InvestorsVijay Kedia Portfolio 2024

  • Start Early: Kedia started his stock market career at 17, getting a head start and picking up the basics.
  • Embrace Risk: Kedia isn’t afraid to take calculated chances; she frequently makes large profits by purchasing stocks that the market has rejected.
  • Practice Patience: He is a patient investor who waits for favorable circumstances to steer clear of snap judgments.
  • Learn from Mistakes: Kedia accepts responsibility for his errors and grows from them to become a better trader.
  • Persistence: He put in a lot of effort and persisted through difficult times to fulfill his dream of becoming a prosperous trader and investor.

Investment StrategyVijay Kedia Portfolio 2024

Vijay Kedia’s investment strategy adheres to the SMILE principle, which stands for Small in size, Medium in experience, Large in aspiration, and Extra-large in market potential. His advice is to invest in companies that have a strong and ethical leadership team and are expected to outperform their competitors and the overall economy over the next decade or so.

While he acknowledges the role of luck in stock market investments, he believes that knowledge, bravery, and patience are the most important factors. He has been completely committed to his investment career for the past three decades.

“One should look for companies with strong management… Find very good management, very honest management, and see the product in which the management is going to grow, outperform its peers and the economy… invest in those companies for the next 10-15 years, and you will not be disappointed.”

The above table summarizes Vijay Kedia’s stock portfolio based on recent exchange filings. Vijay Kedia’s total net worth is estimated to be around 1000 crore rupees. Vijay Kedia has had several multi-bagger stocks over the years, including Vaibhav Global and Cera sanitaryware, which have provided him with exceptional returns. In June 2020, it was announced that Vijay Kedia had purchased 300,000 shares of Ramco Systems for approximately 88 rupees per share.

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