Two Girls Rowing A Boat Landed In The Humpback Whale’s Mouth

Two women who were out kayaking for the day had the surprise of their life when they came quite close to a humpback whale. A humpback whale was captured on camera suckling two people who were kayaking near Avila Beach, California, in November 2020.

The footage is authentic and was shot on November 2, 2020, near Avila Beach, California. One of the two women involved has informed us that she thinks they were inside the whale’s mouth for a limited period of time before being spat out based on watching the footage and pictures. However, contrary to what the headline of a widely shared Facebook post claimed, they weren’t ingested by the animal.

What Did The Readers Do?

Readers questioned the veracity of a Facebook video that purported to show a humpback whale “swallowing” two women who were kayaking in California on August 1, 2022. The headline of the article read, “A humpback whale swallows two girls in California,” and then it went on to say.

Two ladies kayaking in the US off the coast of California came dangerously close to being a meal for a humpback whale instead of a school of fish. The women were imprisoned inside the whale’s mouth as the sea monster abruptly surfaced from the depths precisely where the boat was traveling. He spits them out after a brief interval. Thankfully, there were no casualties.

What Did The CNN Article State?

Julie McSorley and Liz Cottriel “managed to escape unharmed, briefly submerging after capsizing before resurfacing,” CNN reported on November 3:

According to CNN, the two whale watchers were maybe never inside the animal’s mouth. McSorley, on the other hand, contacted us personally via email after the story was published. “When I first saw the video, I thought it must be an optical illusion that we were in the whale’s mouth,” she explained, “but after seeing the other video from the back and the video we had around our neck, as well as the still photos, it is clearly evident we were in the whale’s mouth fully as he entered the ocean.”

To summarise, the viral Facebook video of a humpback whale having a close encounter with two women in California was true. Despite what the opening sentence of the post implied, they were not “wallowed” and eaten.

Details About Humpback Whale

Baleen whales are classified as Megaptera novaeangliae or humpback whales. It is the sole species of the genus Megaptera and a rorqual (a member of the family Balaenopteridae). Adults can grow to be 14–17 m (46–56 ft) long and up to 40 metric tonnes (44 short tonnes) in weight. The humpback’s long pectoral fins and head tubercles give it a distinctive body structure. It is well-liked by whale watchers due to its reputation for breaching and other distinctive surface behaviors. Males often create a complicated tune that lasts 4 to 33 minutes.

Behavior Of Humpback Whale

Except for mothers and calves, humpback whale groups rarely persist longer than a few days or a few weeks. They are typically seen in tiny groups, although at feeding times and when males are vying for females, enormous aggregations can form. Other cetacean species, like right whales, fin whales, and bottlenose dolphins, may interact with humpbacks. At the surface, humpback whales are quite active, engaging in airborne behaviors including breaching and slapping the water with their tails and flippers. These might be ways to interact and communicate, get rid of parasites, or both.

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