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Chris Brown was raised and brought up in a small southern town in Virginia, USA. From an young age, Chris Brown was already listening to the hits from Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder. At the age of fourteen he was already trying to find out how to sing like him. Two weeks after breaking up with Jive Records, Chris Brown changed his name to Chris Wallace and went on a nationwide tour with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

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In the beginning, it was clear to most that Chris Brown was the real thing. He had the raw power, the music taste, and the looks to match the role of the role. But was he as good as everyone thought him to be? His single ” Talks How I Feel” video and the single “Xxplosive” were two of the best videos of all time. These two videos along with the huge success of “Hit It Up” made him famous and gave him the title of the first platinum album, “billboard album of the year”.

Over the years since those early days, Chris Brown’s career has gone on a wild ride. His latest single “Pray To Mean Something” is an absolute barn burner and gives an insight into exactly how strong of a performer Chris Brown is. The only problem is, most people don’t have the heart to subscribe to watch new videos read also watch old videos of Chris Brown. So here it is, in hopes of helping you subscribe to watch new videos of Chris Brown, without losing your mind.

I would say the first full length movie featuring Chris Brown was the last “Hit It Up” video. If you have ever seen the Hit It Up video with the baby and the beer can, you know how short that was. I remember watching that video and thinking, there is no way he could actually hit that can with that little baby in the seat of the car. Then you saw his swing and that was another story, it looked like the guy might be hitting that can so hard, that the can shattered. After that you were probably afraid to watch new video of Chris Brown.

But then Chris Brown broke through with his “Love Takes Control” video, which had almost as much drama as the ” Coke Can” video did and opened the gate for what would become the biggest Chris Brown fan base. The songs on this album are some of his best and most memorable work to date. And the video for that song alone was reason enough to subscribe to watch new videos of Chris Brown. What a fabulous video. As he walks onto the stage high-toned and ready for action the camera man couldn’t help but notice how well versed in steroids Chris Brown is.

You could even say that some of his videos helped launch his career. I don’t necessarily mean that he became a movie star by being in them, but the fact remains that he had some very popular and memorable videos during his career. You could say that some of his films made him a star. And if you are a fan of Chris Brown you definitely should be checking out his films to see what all the fuss is about.

Now I want to focus on my other favorite Chris Brown video of all time. That one’s “Take Me Away” which came out way back when he was in his early twenties. You remember Chris Brown in his music videos, always wearing his denim jacket and denim pants and donning his hair like a rock star. This is one of my favorite of Chris Brown movies. It’s just about the most classic video of Chris Brown out there. One thing I have always loved about Chris Brown movies is that they never get old.

I can go watch the original “Take Me Away” video as many times as I want. It’s just one of my favorite Chris Brown movies because of the music and the message it sends. He’s still a crazy act today, but then again so are most artists. And I don’t think we have anything to prove the point. So enjoy your Chris Brown videos, they run time really fast.