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Good Witches cast a spell on their patrons that will keep them safe during the Good Witch Season. It can be said that Halloween is not for the weak, poor, and innocent. For each of us there is a symbolic representation to be found in our various festivals. From Thanksgiving to Christmas and the birth of Christ there are seasons that call upon us to exert good magic.

On Halloween, witches cast a spell that will drive evil spirits from the house and away any children who become lost in trick or treat land. For many women, the annual Good Witch season can mean more than food at the table or clean clothes for the coming year. It is a time for renewal as witches renew their vows and cast spells that keep the evil spirits at bay. The season concludes with a grand feast, the culmination of which is the ritualistic burning of the witches’ spell book and the recitation of a new witches’ chant. During this time the family also comes together to help cleanse and cook a witches cauldron, which symbolically cleanses them and grants them a new life in the light of the Goddess. Then is the season seven-year itch, a cleansing that must be endured before the next phase of Good Worship begins.

The Good Witch season 7 episode is called The Roxie Pell episode. The show starts out with a bang as cheerleader Coco Angelina Jones (Annie Park) discovers a satchel with the name “Roxie PeLL” scratched into it. She and her friends travel to the house of Mr. Quimby (Kevin Dunn) and quickly discover that he has been murdered by his own son, Sebastian. Ms. Angelina and her friends engage in an all out battle of good versus evil that leaves them trapped and rescue from a clutches of the underworld.

Good Witch Scandal is the latest addition to the popular television series that shows the life of a good witch going bad. In this particular TV series the lead role is played by Velvet Scandal. Ms. Scandal is an orphan who forges her own path in life after losing her parents to a witch. After accepting the offer of a position at the Unmagical High School, she plots her own course in life and eventually falls in love with Renesmee, who happens to be the son of a prominent lawyer. While working at the school she accidentally gets herself trapped in an Endless Nightmare and ends up sleeping with Renesmee in order to escape from the nightmare.

However, the seemingly perfect life of the rich and famous witch named Ariel isn’t quite as it seems when she finds out that her old friend Sebastian has been brutally murdered. In the midst of the confusion Ariel makes the decision to murder her own mother in an effort to protect the lives of her family and herself. She flees the scene of the crime with Sebastian’s body and escapes the city, traveling for thirteen years before she stops to feed herself. But just when she decides to come back, Ariel is stopped by a group of hunters led by Kaylee. The whole episode of The Good Witch Scandal follows Ariel as she tries to free herself from the chains of magic and stands a fighting chance against her enemies.

The Good Witch Scandal season 7 finale episode marks the end of the second season, which is based on the novel written by L. J. Libiran. The novel chronicles the progression of Ariel’s character, and how she slowly starts believing in the goodness of mankind. The season 7 finale episode ends with Ariel making her final decision regarding the fate of her magical powers, but also as she accepts the loss of her friend and family.

There are a number of factors that help make the season 7 finale more emotional than any other episode of the show. One is the sudden death of Ariel’s parents just before the show ends. The sudden demise of Ariel’s parents forces Ariel to embrace the idea of good versus evil, and this in turn ties into her own fight against Gorgon and her possession of the White Witch’s wand. Another important factor is the death of Kaylee’s brother Matt, who has been a major part of the characters development throughout the first season. The loss of Matt motivates Ariel to go after Gorgon herself, in an attempt to learn why she was thrown into the dark.

Finally, there is a major development in the relationship of Gorgon and Ariel. Gorgon finally snaps and decides to return, but not before Ariel tricks him into trying to save her new boyfriend, Thomas. The Good Witch Scandal series finale features one of the most emotionally draining episodes of all of the television produced for The Disney Channel. The writers and producers know that fans of the television series would never let such a conclusion be drawn without great emotional content, so the writers have crafted an ending that keeps the fans satisfied while still leaving them wanting more. The Good Witch Scandal series finale not only marks the conclusion of the Good Witch series, but it also serves as a perfect way for The Walt Disney Channel to begin production on a new slate of shows for a bright future.