Top 10 WWE Wrestlers (2023): Ring Royalty

WWE’s on-screen product is at its best in decades, despite the issues and turmoil that have created havoc behind the scenes at the organization over the past few months. A major factor in this success is the men’s roster’s extraordinary depth, which frequently results in thrilling, long-running storylines and dream matchups on expensive live events that make Raw and Smackdown must-watch television. It took a lot of work to compile this list of the Top 10 WWE wrestlers in 2023. Ultimately, we were able to organize this official rating.

Here’s the list of Top 10 WWE Wrestlers in 2023:

1. Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns -

Roman Reigns‘s slogan, “Greatness On a Different Level,” is timeless and effective because it is accurate. More than anything else in WWE, the Tribal Chief’s actions over the last 1,000+ days have had a greater impact. In the modern era, the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion has ruled like never before. The Bloodline is the most powerful faction since the Attitude Era, and he founded and led it. It doesn’t appear as though he will relinquish his firm hold on his family, those titles, or among the Top 10 WWE Wrestlers 2023 very soon.

2. Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes -

The story that most people want to watch is the one that Cody Rhodes is here to finish. Among the company, Cody is among the Top 10 WWE wrestlers in 2023. He is the only challenger deserving of meeting Roman Reigns at WrestleMania because of his extraordinary ability to convey the anguish, agony, and injustice he has experienced and continues to endure. Few possess the ability to raise a section by precisely catering to the demands of the audience. We are excited to follow Cody Rhodes on this exciting journey as this is just the beginning of his rebirth.

3. Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins

Seth Freakin Rollins -

Seth Rollins has experienced a genuine metamorphosis over the last few years. His Messiah persona illuminated the Thunderdome at COVID, and he later reworked it into The Visionary in an intense competition with Edge. He is currently at the peak of his abilities, captivating audiences with an intensity unmatched by anybody else in the group and stealing the show when he performs in the squared circle. With his feud with the next person on this list boosting both guys, Rollins’s drop has become legendary. As Seth’s choir begins to sing his song, we can’t wait for the next verse.

4. Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley -

Bobby Lashley has become a top-of-the-card superstar over the last three years. Despite being an enormous physical specimen—possibly the most spectacular athlete on the team—Lashley’s development has gone well beyond his feats of strength and quickness. Whatever role he’s been given, Bobby Lashley has proven his ability to deliver excellence and entertainment. He’s been the Goliath people are attempting to slay, the unstoppable force fighting back against injustice, the leader of the Hurt Business, the head of a title division, etc.

The Almighty will prosper and thrive wherever WWE takes him next. He is maybe strongest as the arrogant, well-dressed, and booted smug heel he finds himself as today. He really is that fantastic. He stands out among the Top 10 WWE wrestlers in 2023.

5. Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn -

The greatest compliment we can give Sami Zayn is to compare the fan responses he received leading up to Elimination Chamber to Daniel Bryan’s epic YEStleMania run. Sami has developed into one of the most endearing and well-supported characters WWE has seen in recent memory thanks to his perseverance, hard work, and acute awareness of his circumstances.

He has gained the faith and respect of the WWE Universe by his ability to transform, on paper, unimpressive plots into incredible entertainment (who would have imagined he’d help Johnny Knoxville steal the show at WrestleMania 38?). Over the past year, he has profited from this talent. This industry can be a meritocracy at times, and Zayn deserves all the attention he receives.

6. Gunther

Gunther -

He is the Intercontinental champion. The Ring General is a formidable fighter who possesses remarkable athleticism considering his size. He has the ability to eliminate competitors for match of the year with remarkable speed. Gunther’s record-breaking NXT UK Championship reign showcased some of his best moments for WWE UK fans, but his reign for the Intercontinental championship has been just as remarkable. Throughout his career, Gunther has demonstrated that he is prepared for whatever challenge the WWE may throw at him. His match against Sheamus in Cardiff was just one example.

7. Finn Balor

Finn Balor -

Finn Balor, also known as The Prince, The Demon, and the inaugural WWE Universal Champion, has consistently demonstrated his value. Therefore, the fact that the Irish star is in a moment so special that the main roster has never seen him better, shows just how amazing this is. Though Balor has always been able to perform a five-star show for anyone in front of him, his narratives and promotional materials have never been more venomous than they are now. We want to see Finn in the ring whenever Judgement Day lights up a show. From here, he may go anything.

8. Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens -

KO never stops coming up with fresh methods to pique our interest. One of the company’s most ardently devoted fan bases, Prizefighter’s supporters will stop at nothing to help him in his never-ending battle against the Bloodline. In recent years, this ongoing battle has produced some of the most touching and interesting moments.

He’s a hero that people can feel good about supporting right now. Through his distinctive look, passionate promotional videos, and fierce entrance music, he has developed a presence that people adore. Kevin Owens is unique because you can be sure that he has the ability to quickly turn all of that around and become one of the most vile, cruel heels there is.

9. Edge

Edge -

Ten years ago, the Rated R Superstar would have ranked far higher on our list, but the fact that he’s still in the running is a testament to his superstar status. He is utilizing every chance that he has left, and his return has been absolutely amazing.

Edge‘s work is all operatic. He bleeds with emotion, and his narratives are dramatic. He exudes toughness, bite, history, passion, and injustice, and you can sense every pulse pounding in the ring. Every Edge encounter gives us the impression that we have returned something to the cosmos. 

10. Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre -

The first Scottish WWE champion almost didn’t make the list at all. Even though Drew McIntyre has had some memorable moments, like his title fight at Clash at the Castle, he has somewhat fallen from the top of the mountain after carrying the company on his back during the pandemic.

Thanks to his complex rivalry with Sheamus, he edges out competitors like Jey Uso and Austin Theory in this situation. In addition to putting on some amazing battles, these two great pros have benefited from sharing the limelight with the Scottish Warrior during their entwined rivalries, including Solo Sikoa, Gunther, and Karrion Kross. There’s still more from Drew to come.

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