The White Lotus: Thinking About Season 3

The White Lotus just finished its season second, but Mike White the creator of The White Lotus already thinking of the third season.

In episode seven of season 2 Unpacking a link attached at the end of the finale of Season 2 White hints that Season 3 will take place in Asia and its aim is Death and Eastern religion and spirituality.

The first season is all about money and the second season is about sex. Mike said that she thinks the third season will be a sarcastic and entertaining look at death and eastern religion and spirituality. It will be a rich tapestry to make another season at White Lotus.

White has marked before that he wants the third season to be set in Asia. Before the Season 2 premiere telling the limit, He think it would be fun to go to a whole different continent. As you know we did it in Europe and now maybe in  Asia or something crazy like that will be fun.

Season 2 Shows The Accurate Region of The Third Season

The finale of Season 2, might show the accurate region of the third season as well. Ethan, Harper, Daphne, and Cameron were doing their dinner at the White Lotus in Sicily and Cameron makes a tribute to their friendship, and Daphne bells in Next Year, Maldives!    

The White Lotus

In the sector, White also not wrapped Tanya’s appalling death in the finale, saying At the deadline of the closing season in the last episode Tanya is straddling Greg and he is talking about his well-being issues. And she says, I have had every kind of medication over the years, death is the closing enveloping involvement I haven’t tried. 

White added that she is thinking to take Tanya back will be so much fun as she is such an immense personality, but that’s her adventure maybe, an adventure to death. He thought Tanya decaying at the hands of someone else will be too destructive and she wanted to give her best to resist in a way that she had some kind of achievement over the people who wanted to eliminate her.

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