The Pigg-O-Stat – A New Alternative to Hospital Ultrasound

The Pigg – O – Stat is the World’s Most Effective, Time Tested, and Safe Pediatric Immobilizer available today. The Pigg – O – Stat is an x-ray immobilizer specifically designed for positioning babies and small children for a proper diagnosis of suspected cerebral palsy without any unnecessary risks to the child. The Pigg – O – Stat was created by pediatricians with over twenty years of experience in their field of medicine. This means that the design of the Pigg – O – Stat can be completely trusted in the hands of doctors and other medical personnel all across the country and around the world.

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The goal of the Pigg – O – Stat was to prevent unnecessary exposure to radiation and to protect the most vulnerable parts of the brain from possible damage when it was needed most. The goal of the Pigg – O – Stat was also to reduce the level of passive exposure to radiation in the pediatric immobilization devices used by doctors and nurses during routine patient visits. Patients who are positioned in the Pigg O – Stat minimize their exposure to potentially damaging radiation while reducing the potential for passive exposure to radiation. The design of the Pigg O – Stat minimizes passive exposure in two ways. First, there is a deformable barrier that reduces direct radiation exposure to patients who are positioned inside of the unit.

Second, the unit has an internal circuit that prevents radiation from reaching the patient’s head when he is moved, while still allowing the medical professionals to read his or her brainwaves and other functions at the same time. Because the Pigg O Stat minimizes the amount of direct radiation exposure to patients, the device has been approved for use by medical professionals in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and other health care facilities. This means that thousands of medical professionals can use the unit to protect patients and enhance their treatment without putting themselves at risk of radiation exposure. This technology is particularly important for people with severe health conditions and other risks of radiation exposure.

The Pigg O Stat was designed as a portable device for use in the operating room to minimize radiation exposure of medical professionals while they are conducting radiation on infants. The device is easy to transport because it is compact and very lightweight. It also comes with a belt clip that can be taken off and worn on the waist or ankle. Unlike some of the other infant x-ray imaging systems available, the Pigg O Stat can also be used in mobile units. In fact, physicians often use the unit while they transport their infants from the pediatricians’ office to the hospital’s operating room.

Another benefit of the Pigg O Stat is that it is quieter than many other similar infant immobilization devices. This device is not as loud as the bulky machine commonly used by pediatric surgeons to treat infants who suffer from compartment syndrome. The unit emits a low frequency sound that can be used to calm infants during the procedure. This minimizes the exposure to background radiation and therefore minimizes the potential for injury to the patient.

One of the main reasons why the Pigg O Stat was invented by a father and son team came from Dr. Harry W. Kapp, who was a professor at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Dr. Kapp saw the need for an x-ray technician product that could be used in an operating room to minimize radiation exposure to the operators. He and his son Harry W. developed the Pigg O Stat in response to these needs. They have been continuously involved in the continual development of the Pigg O Stat so that it is constantly improving in effectiveness. A key component in the improvements has been the addition of a chamber that contains a highly selective dose of radiation.

In order to use the Pigg O Stat, one must position the infant in a reclining position, with the head in the X-ray tube but with the chin out to avoid radiation contact with the chest and abdomen. The Pigg-O-Stat device provides consistent, high-quality x-rays that can be used immediately to identify abnormalities in the early stages of the diagnosis process. The physicians, nurses and therapists administering the treatment are trained to recognize which areas of the body are affected by the radiation exposure. Once these areas have been identified, the operator or the lead nurse begins the actual x-ray procedure.

One additional advantage of the Pigg O Stat is that it serves as a portable pediatric immobilization device. It can easily be taken from one patient to another without having to replace the unit. The Pigg O Stat can be directly used on infants born with cerebral palsy and can also be used for premature infants whose spleen and liver are not sufficiently developed for the administration of general anesthesia. In addition to being portable, the Pigg-O-Stat has a feature that allows one to manually adjust the strength of the electric current passing through the immobilizer. This feature, together with the ability to provide consistent scans of the inside organs, makes the Pigg O-Stat an excellent choice for use in the field.

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