The Legend of No Holes Barred – A Story of Martial Arts – No holes barred manga

If you have never heard of No Holes Barred Anime, then this review is for you. Many people are familiar with this Japanese anime cartoon series that started as a television program, but the popularity has caught on in the form of movies, cartoons and other mediums. The No Holes Barred Anime tells the story of a martial arts fighter known as Jigoku. Along with five other friends, he tries to stop a band of thieves who rob the wealthy Gionori family. The No Holes Barred Podcast covers episodes from the first year of the series.

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For those who are familiar with the No Holes Barred manga, there will be little need to review the show again. If you haven’t read the series, you probably should start by reading the recap. Otherwise, I recommend listening to the No Holes Barred Chap 73 below.

Years ago, Jigoku was an average, unassuming young man living with his Uncle and grandmother in their small house in Miei. One day, while out shopping, he witnessed the murder of a boy by a mugger. Impressed by the speed and strength of this attacker, he vows to train for martial arts so that he could protect his loved ones from danger. Two years later, he enrolled in the Miei Academy to learn martial arts. What he thought was just training started to take on a more personal meaning when one day, Jigoku suddenly had a visitor…

Kenichi Shihoin is a young man living in the countryside. He attended the local martial arts academy, hoping to get a good job as a bodyguard. One day, he witnessed a brutal fight between two muggers on a street. The mugger who got away unscathed was beaten severely, while Jigoku paid the price. When his uncle gave him his allowance, Kenichi used it to purchase a sword to be used for self defense, but soon found out it was not enough to deter the attacker any longer.

One night, Jigoku went to a small bar to have drinks with some friends. While he was there, he witnessed a fight break out between two muggers. One of them tried to grab Jigoku, while the other pushed him to the ground. Before the fight could progress much further, the police showed up and detained the mugger that tried to take away Jigoku’s father.

When his father went to the police station to file a report, a big fish called Usui went to the scene and offered to help his father. Usui said that if his father would let him be a teacher, he would train Jigoku. Thus began the legendary story of the no holes barred manga. In order to gain money, Usui taught Jigoku all he knew about martial arts.

Along with other martial artists, Usui decided that if his father could not become a teacher, he would become the next best teacher. This would allow him to continue studying with his father. Eventually, he learned all that Jigoku desired him to learn and then passed it down to his son, Jigaro. However, since no holes are allowed in martial arts, Jigaro’s father could not continue teaching him.

Years later, Jigoku received an invitation to attend the World Martial Arts Exhibition. At this competition, he set a record for the number of recorded victories in a single tournament. Because of this, people began to recognize him as the new master of no holes barred. Later in the story, he would discover that the no holes barred symbol stood for many things, such as peace, hope, and wisdom. This comic series ends with Jigoku on a journey of finding enlightenment.

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