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When it comes to Korean movies and entertainment, there is little that can come close to the fantastic The Korean Dramatic Story (Korean: Korea Drama) which is directed by Park Hae-Bin and runs for two and a half hours. It is considered a classy and skillful film that showcases all of the great elements of Korean cinema with a dose of contemporary South Korean drama. With an engaging plot, a wealth of strong characters, and an ensemble cast that includes both well-known actors and actresses, The Korean Dramatic Story is a definite must-see film…

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In the late 1990s, Park Hae-Bin was one of the most well known and respected figures in Korean cinema. A talented director and writer who worked on a number of successful films including The Man With One Ball, he had already established himself as one of the nation’s most accomplished film producers when he helmed The Korean Dramatic Story. With an impressive script, and an ace star-studded cast, The Korean Dramatic Story is a definite must-see film…

As the story is told, a wealthy industrialist’s daughter is found dead in the midst of a shopping trip in what appears to be an underdeveloped region of Seoul. However, the investigation reveals that the woman had been brutally murdered. Her husband then launches a private investigation to find out who committed the crime and why. To complicate matters, the movie uses a steamy, erotic scene in which the main lead (Yoo In-Joo) engages in a steamy encounter with his secretary.

Although the movie is laden with content, the language is quite mild considering its South Korean heritage. Instead, the hot scenes are portrayed with loving, passionate passion…which is perhaps why The Korean Dramatic Story has attained such a huge international following. In fact, the US premiere of this film earned $6 million at the box office!

Despite its mature subject matter, The Korean Semi-Trailer manages to be a delight for all age groups. It’s a great family film that’s suitable for both children and adults. Due to its brief length, the movie is perfect for those who want to see only a part of the story. You don’t have to worry about getting too bored with it because the short nature of the plot makes it easy to follow. That’s a good thing, especially since it has some fantastic music to accompany the drama.

One thing I love about The Korean Dramatic Story is the seamless transition from the story to the actual film. Most movies involving a murder mystery involve you following the crime as it unfolds in the course of the investigation. This can be very tiresome and monotonous. On the other hand, The Korean Semi-Trailer conveniently follows the story in the same time frame as the movie…which makes things more interesting and stimulating. You get to watch the crime unfold, think about the events that transpire, and then go on to follow the progress of the film while thinking about how the investigation should be handled next.

In my opinion, The Korean Dramatic Story is the best Korean film that’s been released to date. It provides a simple, yet captivating plot, excellent storyboard work, and top-notch acting from all of the major characters. Plus, Kim Tae Hee is one of the best actors working today. The film itself doesn’t have any major plot twists…but it’s a smart movie that’s well worth the time you spend watching it.

The full-length version of The Korean Dramatic Story is a feature-length movie. The Korean movie has excellent cinematography, and some of the best and most realistic Korean dialogue I’ve seen in a movie. The Korean semi-trailer is a terrific little trailer for the movie, and I recommend that you pick up the film when it comes out on DVD so you can see for yourself what all of the hype is about. If you enjoy Korean movies, this is one of the best you’ll ever get. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

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