The Killing Spree – Book Review

This is a review of the new eBook, Killing Stalking. By Mike Waldenbrand. Stalkers are people who follow and harass their targets with repeated unwanted phone calls or physical contacts. Many victims of stalker attacks find it too difficult or impossible to pursue their attackers for fear of becoming another statistic. In light of this, some have turned to self-defense classes, seeking some kind of assistance that would allow them to better defend themselves from a possible attack.

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Stalking is a disturbing and illegal act. When a stalker becomes a victim, the first thing he or she usually does is to find the target’s home or workplace. They might even stalk the target to places where they know the victim works. There is also the possibility of contacting the target in person, but most stalking victims avoid this option because it leaves them vulnerable and adds stress to an already stressful situation.

The Stalking Wife phenomenon is an increase in reported cases over the last ten years. In a case recently featured on CNN, a married man was brutally killed by his stalking wife. The husband had been dating this particular wife for several years. On the day he was supposed to leave her for a vacation, his wife called him repeatedly, telling him that he was not coming home. He tried to call her back, but she just hung up on him.

Stalkers often wear masks and change disguises to blend in with the community. They may work alone or in teams. Their victims are often attacked in broad daylight, so they are usually in complete dark or at times lighted view when they stalk their victims. This allows them to operate undetected.

Killing Stalkers provides an excellent overview of self-defense tactics. It contains a great deal of legal advice geared toward the prevention of stalker attacks. The author provides tips on what to do if you are a potential victim. She teaches readers how to avoid the situation that allows the stalker to attack. She also explains the legal issues that will be raised if you are found to be the cause of a stalker attack.

There is also a great number of effective techniques for self-defense that the book provides. The author takes the reader through important details such as what to do if you become the target of a stalker. There are even some great self-defense maneuvers that can be used to thwart a stalker in their tracks. These include pretending to be sick to trick them into passing out or stealing your belongings.

Although killing stalkers sounds like an easy solution to the problem, it is best to pursue a course of self-defense that encompasses all areas of your life. The author does provide a number of suggestions and drills for personal safety. This includes learning basic hand signals and how to safely interact with others. Although she emphasizes the need for self-defense against a real stalker, she also gives good advice for fighting back against someone who is merely trying to scare you.

There are many ways to stop a stalker from harassing or killing you, but you need to take action sooner rather than later. Stopping the attacks early is always better than fighting back when they have already started. Even a stalker who has a history of attacking you is likely to keep at it if they feel that they are getting away with it. You can save yourself serious injury by learning how to take down a attacker quickly and effectively. This is a lesson that is reinforced throughout the Killing Spree Chapter by detailing exactly how one would go about combating this kind of person. It is also a lesson that is not hard to learn, which makes it one of the best self-defense books available.

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