The Fall Of The Cabal – Part Four Of A Series

“A Walk in the Park with Machiavellia” by Cullen Boron is the second book in The Fall Ballet series. Six books have come before this point. This time around the Cabal has taken too far. With the entire team devastated by the loss of Trip, John, Jessica, Ron, and Chet prepare to battle against the Cabal for the fate of humanity.

Table of Contents

Early in the book, the Cabal sends their agents,worms, to kill Luke and Jenny in New York. Two agents go ahead, but they are ambushed, the worms die, and they are all left sitting on a bushy piece of land. A man dressed as Godfrey appears on the scene and realizes that what they are looking for is not on this bushy piece of land. He leads the men on foot into the ” Gardens of Eden,” where the fallen angels are waiting for them, and informs them of a group of mysterious men who work here at “the square,” where the Cabal meets every year. In addition, he reveals that this group, which he refers to as the “Fallen Angels,” includes the likes of Dracula, Neo-Noemakers, and several members of the British Royal Family.

After revealing all this information, the reader realizes that the Cabal is actually building their greatest secret conspiracy. Then, the man who identifies himself as Godfrey steps forward, identifies himself as a former member of the fall cabal, and tells everyone that he knows the group’s secret. Several of the characters from previous stories appear in the following scenes, and we learn that some of those involved are indirectly responsible for the death of Jenny and Luke. When one of the mysterious men, named Eric, tells everybody the whole story, it is quickly followed by his untimely death. The death is blamed on the mysterious “Mr. X,” and soon the entire group finds out that he was a double-crosser, and that he had been ordered by “Mr. X” to kill them all.

At this point, there are several clues pointing to the fact that this is indeed the fall of the Cabal. One such clue is that the man identified as “Godfrey” (presumably Eric) has a tie to the “Zwebinarity” mystery. Further, the man in the suit (presumably Mr. X) was in the company of another man (presumably Jenny), and the two of them had discussed working for the Cabal. Finally, the mysterious “Mr. X” was wearing an eye patch. These facts all point to the fall of the Cabal, with Jenny, Luke, and Eric all being directly involved in the events leading up to the events of the next part of the Fall in London.

So what are the possible answers fall 2? Well, first, we have established that the Cabal were wiped out in the initial attack, meaning that they no longer have any numbers of men left. Furthermore, we have discovered that the Cabal’s own hidden secret, which they have kept from everyone excepting those who want to know it, is that they have a vast network of underlings spread across London, who can do their dirty work whenever it suits them. Additionally, we have discovered that in the final scene of the movie, the Cabal’s hidden underground bunker has been completely destroyed, suggesting that their whole existence has been crumbling before their eyes. Lastly, we have discovered that the Cabal’s final fall was precipitated by one of their own agents, whom they had sent to finish off the last of the resistance.

Now, in the second part of the series we discover that the Cabal had not only survived the initial attacks, but also seems to be holding up very well, even rebuilding its own operations. But this is not enough, because as we watch in part three the Cabal fall to the agents of the Order. It is suggested that the fall of the Cabal may be preplanned, and this leads the series into what is known as the “10 Part Fall Sequence”. What makes this particularly interesting is that even though the order of events is carefully planned, the series proceeds much as a soap opera would.

The series conclusion deals with the question of just what was the catalyst for the Cabal’s fall, but we already saw in part two that there was a conspiracy afoot. And suspicions place the fall of the Cabal at the hands of the secretly arranged political deal, which involved the deployment of terrorist cells from Qatar to Syria. We see that the QMap operation was a ruse, as it appears that the terrorist cell was sent there to negotiate with the Syrian government on behalf of the Qabus, but rather than negotiate a cease fire, they execute a terrorist attack killing ten people in the London subway. This ends the conspiracy, but also sheds new light on the larger question of how such massive undertakings are handled in the first place, and also sheds new light on how the future of the world depends on such power players. Will moderate governments like Iran or Syria rise to oppose the growing terrorist threat, or will the power brokers that control the levers of the international system continue to move in their own interests?

In part four we look at what happens after the fall of the Cabal, and how the power brokers move from working in relative comfort to moving into the more turbulent waters of politics and war. We also find out that the long shadow of the Cabal is still hanging over the heads of the residents of both Syria and Qatar, and that the political fallout from the terrorist attacks in London will impact greatly upon the minds of the people living in these respective nations. The events of the fall of the Cabal, and particularly the way that it happened, is part of an important lesson about how conspiracy theories and secret power structures can destroy rather than create. As history has shown, those who are willing to step forward and speak out about corruption, lack of transparency, or the excessive power of the state often do so at great personal cost. Those who listen are able to change the course of history; they may not know exactly why, but they are aware that change is necessary.