Panamanian Restaurant – The Laughing Crab

“Laughter Crab is my local Cajun restaurant in Shreveport,LA specializing in our delicious, fresh seafood. We are a small-scale, family owned business with a full-time chef that brings a lot of passion to each dish. The menu is always changing, but our most popular dishes right now are crab legs, shrimp cocktail, classic Gumbo, Maine Lobster Rolls and Clams Chowder. In addition to our full dinner menu, we also serve specialty parties and special events.”

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laughing crab

“We have been cooking in Shreveport for over 10 years. We have many loyal customers and regular repeat customers. The atmosphere of the restaurant is casual and friendly. It feels like home.”

“We primarily serve Shrimp, Lobster and Clams. Other seafood and fried foods occasionally found on our menu, but not often. Most of our dishes are created from fresh ingredients daily.” Chef Alex Manetti

“The best way to describe our menu is fresh, delicious, mouth watering, great service and an extensive selection of foods to please any palate. We are committed to making our guests feel at home while they dine with us. We try to give every customer the same high quality service that they would receive if they were dining at any other restaurant. We value the environment that we create and strive to create environments that are respectful of all cultures and lifestyles.”

Check out the complete listing of menus and entrees at Laughing Crab. To see a sampling of just some of what is available simply do a search on Google. There you will find many different dishes to choose from. Dinner packages include your choice of four or six entrees and a bottle of wine with every meal. For only a few dollars more you can upgrade to a four course meal that also includes your choice of wine.

The Shrimp appetizers are made from fresh, high quality shrimp that has been marinated in lime juice for a minimum of twenty minutes and served on grilled, silver plated cutting board. Each dish can be accompanied by a salad choice. There are several different combinations of cheeses that are offered. The Chicken ala king is served with a tossed salad that is accompanied by a lemon wedge, crispy pieces of toast and a lemon herb spray. Desserts include an assortment of fresh fruit and homemade chocolate sauce.

The main course can be anything you want it to be. From traditional to unconventional, the possibilities are endless. For starters you have the classics like King Mackerel, Maine Lobster, Salmon, and Scallops. But do not worry; if you are looking for something new try a Maine Style Tilapia instead. The unique taste of this fish is sure to satisfy all palates.

Your enjoyment of The Laughing Crab continues even after the meal when you take advantage of the complimentary daily specials that the restaurant offers. Try some of the ice cream, donuts, or fresh fruit. No matter what you order make sure you treat yourself to some complimentary cone or fresh drink. The staff are happy to accommodate any inquires that you may have concerning this charming little establishment!

The decor of The Laughing Crab is very interesting. It is as if you have left an old-fashioned diner in your home town and have combined the best of both worlds. If you have noticed, in a more modern setting, you will find exposed wood, stainless steel appliances, wood colored walls, and tile. This combination does not appear too inviting but then again neither does almost modern. This creates a very interesting contrast but one that compliments the relaxed atmosphere wonderfully.

You might also notice that there is very little decoration inside of the restaurant. The only thing really inside is the front window which serves as both the entrance and exit to the dining area. The countertops are stone and the tables are wood. You can almost feel the ambiance being as serene as the ocean on a warm spring day. You could almost feel the tiniest waves gently crashing onto the shoreline. This is a very peaceful feeling indeed.

The Waiters are well trained to recognize your plates and immediately refill them so that you do not have to waste time requesting for a cup of water or juice. In addition, when you order your meal you are treated in a very respectful manner by the hostess. As with all of the restaurants in the vicinity, they do not take advantage of children who seem to be in a frenzy to go to the bathroom. They are very patient and caring.

Overall, I have to say that this is easily one of the most enjoyable dining experiences that I have had in awhile. If you are ever in Panama City, check out The Laughing Crab. It is located off a main street in a very gated setting. If you do not care for seafood, then perhaps you should reconsider your options for eating at the restaurant.