The Elephant Stops The Tour Bus To Sсгаtсһ Its Stomach

A male elephant approached a parked hatchback at Musth when testosterone levels can rise to 60 times higher than normal. The two damaged areas of this Volkswagen Polo were found at the wrong time and in the wrong place when an irate passenger began to rub up against the vehicle’s roof and dashboard. Armad Groler, 21, a field guide and lodge manager in Pilaesurg National Park in South Africa, took the incredible pictures.

There was a thought that the elephant was on Musth which means a period of time in which it’s tеstοstеrοпе lеʋеls skyrοcket. When the massive bull elephant started playing with the car there were two people inside it. I was doing ethology i.e. the study of animal behavior so I had an understanding of what was going on he said.

What Elephants Use To Remove Parasites?

The elephant was surely on musth i.e a period of time when a male elephant has an excessive amount of tеstᴏstеrᴏпе which can turn the calmest dumbo into a raging bull. It displayed no signs of frustration or aggression but was in a playful mood in this condition. 

To remove parasites or to relieve an itch elephants uses small trees, rocks, and logs. With the car so close to hand, it was a too good chance to pass up. We were unsure of what to do in the situation when the engine made contact with the road and when the road was hurried, so we hoped for the driver and passenger’s accounts, but our efforts were quite limited as to what we could do, Mr. Groler continued.

elephant ѕсгаtсһ its stomach

What Was The Condition Of The Car?

The most shocking thing about our entire experience, while we waited for the bell, was that we were hurried with the announcements but still left feeling exhausted. After the elephant finished, the car was abandoned with four flat tires and a broken chassis. A field photographer and lodge photographer in Plesurg, South Africa Armond Groler clicked the photos.

The two passengers that were in the car one male and a female in their late 20s or early 30s were safe but they were badly shaken up by the incident. They both were happy as they were alive but they were in shock too.

All the windows were smashed, the roof was badly dented and the entire top part of the car was also smashed from what we could see and hear. After giving itself a good scratch, the elephant thought it was on its way out free, close to the destruction it had left behind.

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