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Studio Movie Grill (SMG) is recognized nationwide as the original and leader of mobile in-theatre entertainment, blending state-of-the art sight and sound technology with an ultra-efficient viewing experience and superior food and beverage service. Situated in New York’s Times Square, SMG is owned by the phenomenally successful restaurateur Mario Longhi, who started the restaurant as a concession stand in order to provide affordable food to the people of the Plaza District. In no time, the Plaza District was full of diners, so Mr. Longhi expanded his business to include a movie house, an interactive stage and, eventually, the studio where you can catch your favorite films on DVD and enjoy superior hospitality from an exclusive crew of chefs. Today, Smoggy Beats is one of the most well-known movie houses in the world, with locations in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Santa Monica, Miami, Dallas and Santa Barbara. With locations in over thirty-five cities around the globe, Smoggy Beats has become the most recognizable name in mobile entertainment.

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The “smog” in Smoggy Beats’ name was derived from the exhaust system, which operates through a central screen situated above the grill. The exhaust includes an ionizer that neutralizes the air to create a “clean” smokey environment. Smog is produced by cigarettes, motorcycles and other sources of air pollution and smog affects the visual clarity of television. The smoking of cigarettes, especially in enclosed areas, increases the amount of ozone in a room and creates smog that lasts for hours after the smoker has gone home.

The Smog Grill is located on Broadway at Front Street in Manhattan. It offers patrons the opportunity to enjoy premium gourmet cuisine prepared by top chefs. Smog is treated with a special antimicrobial solution to help protect food from bacteria. The restaurant’s state-of-the art grill has a smoked peanut butter grilled cheese sandwich that is smoked and served on the side. The Smog Grill does not utilize propane or charcoal to generate heat so fire should be brought in for starting the grilling process.

The “smoke monster” as it is called in Smog City is a three-piece rotating smoker that generates hot smoke in a variety of flavors, mainly BBQ and Southern Comfort. Smog is smoked slowly over charcoal in a three-inch aluminum sphere, creating a smokey environment inside of the sphere where the main ingredients are placed. Smog can also be combined with a secondary smoke flavor such as maple syrup or apple sauce. Smog can also be mixed with fruit juices, mints and other spicy condiments to create a unique smoke flavor for each of the Smog’s three rotating products.

The atmosphere inside of the Smog Grill is similar to the atmosphere found in a real movie theater. Professional grade lighting controls the mood of Smog and provides background noise that drowns out the less desirable sounds of other people in the restaurant. In addition to providing for a very fun atmosphere, Smog can also enhance the taste of any meal. The use of smoked meats is a specialty of Smog. Many of Smog’s meat products can be found on Smog Grill Restaurant menu items.

Each Smog Grill restaurant offers its own Smog Burger that can be purchased along with the Smog Grill burger and dessert for a completely enjoyable dining experience. The Smog Grill restaurant is a great place to entertain guests during movie premier events and other special occasions. The Grill offers a complete Smog experience including three rotating Smog Burger patties, sauerkraut and a variety of other delicious products. Guests of the Smog Grill are encouraged to have their own Smog burger to take home. The burgers are available in four different sizes, the smallest being the basic bun.

For the ultimate in Hollywood experience, Smog would be an ideal choice for a smoke monster party. Children and adults alike will enjoy the Smog Monster creating a smoke environment inside the Smog Grill. An important component of the movie would be the giant Smog Monster creating a smokey realm in which all must inhale.

At certain viewing times of the movie “Smog” the actual Smog Monster makes an appearance and gives the movie viewers a priceless moment of fright! You don’t need a smoke machine to have a Smog experience. Simply gather your family around the Smog Grill and get ready for a night of movie fun. Smog Grill restaurants offer an extensive menu complete with Smog Burger, Smog fries, and plenty of other delicious treats. The Smog Grill restaurants are located in every major city and can easily be found on the Internet.

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