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Direct2hr is the perfect source for instant HR data on either your smart phone or tablet. With a single click, easily obtain your monthly paycheck and lack account balances anywhere, any time. Never have to worry about missing cash again with easy access to your financial data. Easily update your contact or address information on your smartphone or tablet immediately after completing a job.

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Need to know more? Just touch the screen and it will instantly update your data. No need to contact your HR staff to find out why you were not in the office. You can even submit, check or update the status of your case with the simple tap of your smartphone or tablet device. If you are wondering where to find direct2hr, here is how it works,

Step One: The very first thing you do is to import code from the direct2hr website. An imported file is simply a copy of the employee’s latest pay slip. You can use a spreadsheet or an excel to import code into your payroll system. Importing the code will allow direct2hr to retrieve and store the data so you can view it at any time.

Step Two: If you have already created a human resource profile for each employee, you will need to import that profile into the direct2hr system. When an employee profile is imported, it will be listed for you in the employee portal so you can manage it. Now, you can update your human resource profile by adding, editing or removing fields and contacts. You can also update your direct2hr application by adding a new field or editing an existing field. You can also add or delete employees by using the portal.

Step Three: To update your direct2hr application, login as the administrator and select ‘update’ icon from the service menu. Once you have finished setting up the update process, you can validate the new list of employees. validate the list of employees, verify their email addresses, passwords and other credentials like username and password. By doing this, the system ensures that only authorized individuals have access to the portal.

Step Four: After you have successfully set up direct2hr, you can log in to the employee login page. You will see a new dashboard with an employee login box. You will notice that the form has a link to ‘profile’, click on it. You can fill up the form and customize the information you want to include.

Step Five: You can now integrate the direct2hr with your iOS device via WAP. This is done by installing the ios apps direct2hr-ios on your device and linking it to your direct HR business. Your iOS app acts as the front end for both the companies and employees; the app sends periodic online reports and gets paid by the HRB. Every employee gets paid on a monthly basis by the company for the amount of times he has submitted his/her report.

Step Six: After you have login to the site and installed the ios app, you can now set up the direct HR business that will be linked to your iOS account. Then, login to your site and visit the settings page. Here, you will set your direct2hr username and password. In the ‘Employee Number’ section, enter the number of employees that will be linked to the app through direct2hr login. You can also select ‘Manage Users’ to manage who has access to the various types of users.

Step Seven: Now that you have set up your own direct HR business, you will need to manage the employees. If your company has a Facebook or Twitter account, you can set it up for the employees. All the current and past employees can be added to these social networking profiles. Now, every time an employee uses his/her Facebook or Twitter account to make a purchase or log in, it will automatically deduct from their balance any applicable taxes.

Step Eight: You can also use the direct HR website to manage and check your employees benefits and other online banking transactions. This is done by accessing the human resources section and choosing the check box that enables you to manage those accounts. Now, you can choose to automatically deduct from the balance whenever a check in is made out. The account summary page will show the balance that you will incur in the month. The human resources section of direct2hr also offers online tutorials and informative articles that can be used by the employees and can help them manage their online banking transactions.

Step Nine: For companies that have existing IT staff, setting up direct HR through the employee portal is highly beneficial. This is because the employees will not have to train them how to use the direct HR software. The employees can use their existing computer and internet connection to access their direct HR accounts. Once they log into their account, they can check their human resource details online as well as manage their individual benefits and contributions. This can be done from their personal offices or homes.

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