Review of the “In the Dark” Finale

Review of the “In the Dark” Finale

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“In the Dark” is the third season of the SyFy television show “The X Files.” The show, like most of the SyFy shows, deals with haunting. If you are experiencing a case of insomnia or sleeping problems, you can benefit from the SyFy shows. You may want to review some of the information about the dark season 3 episode 1 below.

The first few minutes of the show are worth your time. After that the show becomes very slow and uninteresting. I felt like the characters on this show had been stoned for a year and a half. Also, I found the acting to be very poor. I would have liked more explosions and a more serious story line.

“In the Dark” is a prequel to the hit movie “X,” which was also produced by SyFy. The movie is based on a true story and many of the events that take place in the third season of the show are repeated in the movie. I would have liked a little more originality in the third season and an actual exploration of what happened in the old case. I am not complaining though, since the story is very well done.

The third episode of “In the Dark” deals with the brutal murder of a minor child. The crime scene is so disturbing that a few people drive right past it. It appears that the killer locked the child in the trunk of their car and then walked away. When the cops arrive they find the body and are convinced it was committed by someone else. There is no evidence linking the killer to the crime.

In the dark season 3 episode 11 we finally see the killer and after he commits his crime he tells Joanna that she is his wife. He then tells her that he loves her and wants to make things right between them. Joanna is devastated and thinks that this could be the end of her dreams. She immediately calls Matt Mertens, who at first think she is nuts and doesn’t want to help her, but after talking with her and listening to her story he decides to help her out anyway.

Matt eventually finds the perfect balance of being good and bad while protecting Joanna and delivering the goods to her family. This whole sequence takes about three and a half hours in total and is one of the scariest moments in the entire show. It is very thrilling to think that Matt has finally solved the mystery of the “big bad” and that she in fact has a husband but it’s even scarier when Matt reveals to her that he has been cheating on her for the last year and a half.

The “In the Dark” season 3 finale is definitely not the weakest part of the show, in fact it is the most exciting. In the season finale, Matt finds himself back in the pit where he almost lost his life and in the process gets the chance to catch up with his friend Charlie. Charlie knows something is in the dark and tells Matt, who in turn helps Joanna before finally confronting Charlie in the pit.

The “In the Dark” season 3 finale is absolutely fantastic. With all the twists and turns this season I was very anxious for this finale to come. The great twist at the end is what made “In the Dark” so well written. There were several surprises throughout the entire season, but this ending really makes the whole thing unbelievable. I am so happy that Charlie is finally revealed as the mole in the family. I hope that people will enjoy Charlie as much as I did during the season 3 finale.

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