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On My Block is back for another 4th season with a brand new cast of hilarious characters! Get ready, grip the handle and prepare to have some laughs this season on This is Your Life! The four main stars of the show Christian Audigier (The Weekend), iza Ferrecki (Ms. May), and RZA (Master Pain) have come together to create the ultimate high-school comedy series, which has been voted one of the best television shows on Nickelodeon in its fourth season. The new season will feature several all-new guest stars, including Andy Daly, Ken Marino, Chaka Khan, Koolhaas, Michael Chiklis, and more. Find out who these amazing new additions are and where on my block you can watch them on TV today!

March madness bracket predictions had been all over the internet already leading up to the finale. The new cast is: Ms. May, RZA, Andy Daly, and Chaka Khan. The new characters include: Boots, Kurtis, zo Smurf, Mike “I’m not gay but” from the film High School Musical, and Mr. Poopy Pussy from the movie I Spy. The series premiere of season four was just announced today! Stay tuned to get your March madness bracket predictions on my block season 4 release date.

Ms. May is an agent in New York City who is quite popular among her coworkers. She’s played by Julie Benz. This is the first season for RZA whose credits include both The Wizard of Oz and Kill Bill, so fans of those films may recognize his distinctive voice. On top of that, the new season four cast includes the three season actors Andy Daly, Chaka Khan, and Mike “I’m not gay but” from the film High School Musical.

Our favorite supporting cast member for this show since its inception is Carla Graziano. This talented actress has been on many popular shows including Anger Management, E.T., and Las Vegas. The first role she ever had in a television program was on the very first season of Law and Order. Carla Graziano’s acting abilities are on display in all of her various roles on the E.T. spin-off, as is her ability to take a role on something she has absolutely no experience on. In the example above, she plays an injured car crash victim, so she was probably used on the initial E.T. episode to fill in for some of the actors that were unfortunately killed on the original episode.

On March 14th, we will see the culmination of the first season for our beloved drama, E.T. What does this finale have to offer compared to the other episodes that came before it? We will find out on the last day of the season four post-production. This is an amazing way for the producers to show off all of their work, and it will also be a great way for us to get a better understanding of what goes on in the writers room.

One interesting bit of information about the finale is that Carla will be playing a character named Guzmo in the sequel to the hit musical, March. This is a name that Guzmool creator, Izumi Shimatsu, has been teasing for quite a while now on his twitter page. In the teaser video he posted, he shows a picture of a woman in a hospital bed, which could be Carla, and who is being held by a group of armed soldiers.

You may also notice that the teaser video has Carla in a park with a man named Alex on the date. This is a reference to the song, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” from the second season of E.T., which is about a guy who gets so excited on his date that he runs out of the park. The only problem is that he never shows up on the date. We won’t find out who he is until the finale, but you could definitely make the correlation. I’m hoping this isn’t a direct reference to anything in particular, but since Carla’s appearance on the show has been so consistent, it’s hard to see why she wouldn’t show up on the final date of season 4.

Another rumor that’s floating around is that there will be some sort of major character death during the finale. Since the first season ended with eight episodes, there’s bound to be at least one death this season. The official press release on the fourth episode does not specifically mention who the character will be (although it does say that the character is “alive and well”), but it is worth keeping an eye on if you’re worried. If anything major happens on the date of the elite season 4 release date, it will no doubt be on the internet before long.

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