Rescued Cat with 4 Ears and One Eye Finally Got His New Home

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Suffering is hard not only to humans but to animals too. Here is the story of an extraordinary kitten who gone through from really tough times to finally founded his new home.

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Frankie (name of the extraordinary kitten in this story), was born with 4 ears which looks more adorable than anything else in this world. Two of them are the primary ears and the other two are the supporting ears. He lost one of his eye in an operation to save his life from the tumour. This operation also put a mark on his lower jaw. But after going through all these he is still standing strong.

Frankie (The Kitten) was founded with 4 ears in an abandoned house by neighbours with his siblings and mother

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When Frankie with his family was discovered by the neighbours he was in rough conditions. Apart from he and one of his brother all other were passed away including his siblings and mother. So one of the neighbours adopted both of them and take care of both of the kittens for several coming weeks. As we mentioned above because of the infectious eye wound neighbours had to keep him for a few weeks before he send him to the animal shelter.

According to doctors, “If the infectious eyes hadn’t been removed then the poor kitten wouldn’t be able to survive.”

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Later because of the operation and the removal of the left eye the size of his bite increases and also put effect on the structure of his lower jaw.

The operations of his eye isn’t simple because the cancer was spreading really fast and the more time they were taking to diagnose, the more complicated it will become to save his life.

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