Record of Ragnarok – A Story of Vikings

record of ragnarok manga

Record of Ragnarok, is a Japanese anime series written and drawn by Shinya Umemura & Takumi Fukui and drawn by Ajichika Asanofuji. It began in Coamix’ s monthly comic magazine manga magazine Monthly Comic Zenon from November 2021. It has been licensed in North America by Viz Media later in June 2021. The story is about the boy who was turned into a dragon by the World Dragon God, Taishi Arita. He was given the power to transform into a dragon and kill the enemies of the World Dragon God.

Table of Contents

Record of Ragnok follows the story of the main character, Ryuki. He was a young boy who lived in the peaceful town of Mankai. One day, he witnessed a mysterious boy being attacked by some unknown forces. Thinking that it was no big deal, Ryuki went inside his house and closed the door. He then gathered his courage to go inside and try to save the boy, but in the end, he ended up being crushed by the attacker.

Ryuki, now named Ryuzu, spent the next seven years in the capital, Kyoto. He also became good friends with a girl called Mion, and the two were inseparable. One day, however, Ryuknu was asked to go on a treasure hunting quest with Mion. On their way, they came across the Brynhild’s Dragonlance – the legendary sword of the Gods.

At the start of the manga, we see Ryuknu, Ryuzu and Mion preparing for the journey. They each have a gemstone on their palms that represents the element of water (called “Koi”), so these represent the main elements of the journey. And then the three of them boards their boat, the “Katsuarimono”, and set sail towards Berkolia Island. They are accompanied by Ganesha and his loyal ashigaru guards, Tuskarimono.

Arriving in Berkolia, Ryuknu meets a girl called Mito Tainaka, and the two become friends. Mito has a brother called Chiaki, and she wishes to marry him someday. Meanwhile, Ryuknu’s uncle and father live in the city, and he is not too fond of the temple religion. He even tells Ryuknu and his friends that the gods of the temple are cruel and will not accept their worship. This enrages Ryuknu, who then decides to challenge the gods themselves.

The story starts off with Ryuknu and Mito trying to get to a temple to perform the correct ceremony needed for a good king. But they are stopped at the gate because the temple guards have heard of a “storm”. Inside the temple, they meet the god of storms, Thor. He shows them his hammer, Mjolnir, and says that if they will be allowed to enter his realm, they will find the person who can defeat him. And so, the three of them enter Thor’s realm.

In the manga version, Thor fights Ryuknu and tries to throw him into the ocean, but in the anime version, he instead uses his powers to turn Ryuknu’s sword, the Thanatos, inside out. The Thanatos is inside of Ryuknu, and it turns inside out, turning inside out and killing Ryuknu. Then, Thor throws Ryuknu’s corpse into the ocean. Later, when the storm approaches again, Thor uses his hammer to turn the storm away.

The Record of Ragnarok is very different from the work done by Norse Mythologists. It does not have the magic and creatures that they used to write the original work. However, it still has the same basic plot that is similar to Norse Mythology.

The story of the Record of Ragnarok manga is about a group of Vikings who travel back in time. They end up in the era when the great king of iron was still alive and they sail to the realm of Jotunn. They find a huge castle where the people use to rule by a great rule, but they are killed. They then end up in the Age of Strife where they face the demon lord, Balder who wants to absorb the power of the gods.

The main story line involves a young boy, Thor, who has lived his entire life without doing anything and has no idea what he is actually capable of. He has lived his whole life without knowing how to fight like the great warrior Achilles. He had never known that there were other powerful warriors like his father or brothers who can turn the tide of battle in their favor. Because of this, Thor is assigned by his mentor, Balder, to help the newly formed group of Norse warriors protect Jotunn from the forces of Balder.

The record of ragnarok manga series started off as a light-hearted comedy before it went into a more serious mood after the release of its third chapter. It continued to draw in more fans with each passing chapter and was eventually turned into an anime. It has received critical acclaim and boasts a fan base numbering over eight thousand. It can be considered a commercial success having sold about two million volumes.

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