Olivia Molly Rogers’s Retaliation After Separation

Olivia Molly Rogers has obtained an awesome reaction after sharing a re-edited model of her wedding ceremony video – without her estranged husband.

The former Miss Universe Australia Olivia Molly Rogers disclosed the surprise break up from her husband Justin McKeone in October, simply months once they were married.

On Boxing Day, the version took to TikTok to proportion her “Olivia edit,” revealing she had contacted her wedding ceremony videographer to make a large change.

“Since my ex and I separated, my cute videographer did a rework of our wedding ceremony video. This is simply me, my buddies, and family,” she stated withinside the caption. 

“I am so thankful that I can recall the day in my very own way.”

Olivia Molly Rogers and McKeone married in February on the Terindah Estate on Victoria’s Bellarine Peninsula, with Olivia Molly Rogers calling it her “dream day” at the time.

After the pair were engaged in 2019 the rite was postponed two times because of the COVID pandemic 

The edit noticed solo pictures of Olivia Molly Rogers together with her own circle of relatives and friends.

Notably, her father’s reception speech was performed as a voiceover, revealing that Rogers became named after the past-due actress Olivia Newton-John.

Footage from the rite becomes cropped so McKeone made no look withinside the video.

Olivia Molly Rogers Praised On  TikTok And Instagram

Across TikTok and Instagram, the version becomes greeted with an awesome quantity of affection and reward for the “stunning” act.

Popular health instructor Kayla Itsines is known as a “boss b****” move.

“Hahaha dude I actually stated out loud “what a chairman b****” to Jae and confirmed with him your video,” Itsines stated, relating to her partner.

“I’m alllllllll for this. What a super manner to not forget an afternoon with my own circle of relatives and friends !! Your appearance is stunning.”

“This is such a stunning idea. I’ve been debating deleting the images from my first marriage, however, I suppose I’ll maintain those of simply me and my own circle of relatives,” any other fan stated. 

“I suggest this withinside the great manner, that is giving withinside the great feasible manner Keira in Love Actually whilst Mark simplest filmed her ‘I appear pretty pretty’,” every other writer wrote. 

“How beautiful, this virtually looks like a party of a cherished woman,” one wrote.

Meanwhile, one destiny bride cited that she would “get a number of solo content material simply in case,” after looking at the clip.

Olivia Molly Rogers Asked Opinions

Rogers is presently domestic in Adelaide to rejoice Christmas together with her family.

The social media big name shared a video with TikTok requesting reviews after receiving an uncommon remark from an unnamed member of the family.

“I started telling my pal a tale today – and I think I could relate it with TikTok due to the fact it’s far pretty humorous,” she stated to the digital digicam on Friday. 

unnamed 3 -

 “I separated from my spouse about three months ago, and everyone has been extremely supportive. However, I overheard a family member say something to me.

I thought at the time that I wasn’t sure if they were trying to be funny. But looking back, I realize that it was actually a dig.

Rogers defined that they instructed her she must pass into appearing. As she became “appeared properly for the beyond 4 years” in her courting with McKeone.

Opinions Of People On TikTok 

TikTok commenters had been divided on whether or not it became a shaggy dog story or dig. With many believe that due to the fact the relative came from Adelaide it became “in reality a dig”. 

One countered, “I’m from Sydney, it’d be a shaggy dog story right here. But if they’re from Adelaide one hundred percent a dig.”

‘Adelaide family… just a dig,’ the second person affirmed.

“Dig for sure. The audacity… do they truly suppose you’d act in love for 4 years? Pfft. I wager you attempted tough to make it paintings and I wager it changed into tough,” some other assured.

Meanwhile, a few defended the remark explaining that perhaps it changed into interpreted wrong.

“I’m not sure, but maybe they mean that you were so calm on the floor. And that they were unaware that your marriage was having problems.

They might be saying, in my opinion, that you are no longer being true to yourself. And are instead living in someone else’s reality.

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