Mukul Agarwal Portfolio 2024: Shareholdings and Net Worth

In the realm of finance and investments, a successful portfolio necessitates strategic decision-making, a thorough comprehension of market dynamics, and a careful balance of risk and reward. Experienced investor Mukul Agarwal Portfolio has amassed a notable portfolio over the years, demonstrating a diversified strategy that reflects his dedication to long-term wealth creation.

Mukul Agarwal Portfolio Overview

Company nameHolding Value(INR cr)%shareholdingQty Held (shares)
BSE Ltd.4731.52000000
PDS LIMITED2222.723580000
Neuland Laboratories Limited2093.12400000
Radico Khaitan Ltd.2071.051400083
Raymond Limited1581.51000000
Capacity Infraprojects Limited15285888000
MPS Limited1384.46762457
Dishman Carbogen Amcis Limited1385.238200000
ETHOS LIMITED1292.74640000
Karur Vysya Bank Ltd.1291.18500000
KDDL Ltd1283.38423180
Ceat Ltd.,1041.24500000
Ion Exchange (India) Ltd1031.521800000
Sarda Energy & Minerals Ltd991.194176000
Pearl Global Industries Limited943.46750000
Sula Vineyards Limited922.372000000
Allcargo Logistics Ltd881.343300000
Arman Financial Services Limited864.59400000
Zen Technologies Ltd.841.341126765
LT Foods Limited841.154000000
TAAL Enterprises Limited848.92277931
J. Kumar Infraprojects Limited832.642000000
Thomas Cook (India) Ltd.,831.065000060
Zota Healthcare Ltd.736.91766989
Indo Count Industries Ltd721.172325000
Kingfa Science & Technology (India)682.48300000
Dish TV India Limited60030000000
Sirca Paints India Limited592.971626200
JTEKT India Limited541.613945000
Hindware Home Innovation Limited521.381000000
InfoBeans Technologies Limited515.141250000
Suryoday Small Finance Bank Limited472.833000000
Bhagiradha Chemicals and Industries462.88300000
Bhagiradha Chemicals & Industries Ltd.462.9300000
Pix Transmissions Ltd452.58350909
Surya Roshni Ltd401.47800000
Vidhi Specialty Food Ingredients401.8900000
Indian Metals & Ferro Alloys Limited391.44778900
Shankara Building Products Limited392.41550000
ISMT Limited381.334001346
Prakash Industries Ltd.,381.42500000
Vasa Denticity Ltd.242.6410000
Dhabriya Polywood Limited204.68506613
Tracxn Technologies Limited191.962000000
Jagsonpal Pharmaceuticals Limited181.77463023
Allcargo Terminals Limited171.263100000
De Nora India Limited171.88100027
Gensol Engineering Limited161.64200000
MITCON Consultancy & Engineering Services43.1420591
Total Net worth (Nov’23)4,508

Who is Mukul Agarwal?

Mr. Mukul Mahavir Prasad Agarwal is a member of the Bombay Stock Exchange’s Member-Derivatives Segment, the Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd., and the National Stock Exchange of India Ltd. He is a member of the boards of directors of Namah Capital Resources Ltd., Pranam Reality Pvt Ltd., Param Capital Research Pvt Ltd., and Supreme Infrastructure India Ltd. He has made millions of dollars in stock exchange investments, making him one of the top investors in the Indian stock market. I’ll talk about Mukul Agarwal’s stock portfolio in this post and attempt to deduce his investing philosophy from the stocks he chose.

Early Days and Influences

Mukul Agarwal’s entry into the stock market and his stock investments were influenced by his father’s involvement. He assisted his father in investment talks and IPO applications when he was a young student. His interest was aroused by this early exposure, and he started reading financial news and stock market reports religiously.

Following his 1991 commerce degree, Mukul did additional research on the stock market. Equipped with restricted understanding but insatiable curiosity, he would routinely travel from Malad to Dalal Street with a few companions. They hoped to learn more about the market by watching and talking with brokers. 

Mukul’s introduction to the grey market marked a pivotal moment in his career. A robust grey market existed in the interim between an IPO’s announcement and its listing. Due to this market, Mukul was able to trade without capital while still establishing his reputation and trust. Every transaction was carried out with trust. Through his transactions, he had amassed a sizeable sum by 1993, which was a noteworthy accomplishment at the time.

He was able to invest in a 90-square-foot office on Cawasji Patel Street thanks to his early success. His father’s contribution and his stock market profits helped to finance this endeavor in part. Mukul then worked alongside his brother Mayank. Mukul was determined to trade for himself while his brother got involved in sub-broking.

Mukul Agarwal Portfolio Major Investments

Radico Khaitan: Mukul invested in Radico Khaitan because he thought that as India’s economy expanded, so would the country’s alcohol consumption. 

Ceat: The company seemed well-positioned for success with its growth in the auto industry, whether it was in the internal combustion engine (ICE) or electric vehicle (EV) sectors.

Sula Vineyards: Mukul Agarwal saw that wine sales in India, where they made up less than 3% of all alcohol sales, had the potential to rise significantly. 

Suzlon: Mukul Agarwal invested in Suzlon, a pioneer in wind power technology. He started buying the stock at the time of its rights issue and persevered in believing in its possibilities despite obstacles from shifting government regulations and internal problems.

Raymond: Mukul made a transformational investment in Raymond. One of its brands, Manyavar, became very successful, and this improved the mood of the market. 

Interesting points about Portfolio

No Pharma Stock or Cement Stock: The portfolio includes stocks from all significant industry sectors, including financials, IT, and private banks. However, it is devoid of any Pharma space stocks. This is unexpected as well as highly fascinating. He has invested in about thirty companies, but he hasn’t invested in any large or mid-cap pharmaceutical companies or those that are associated with it. He doesn’t work for a hospitality-related company. A small number of businesses operate in these fields.

Diversification of Portfolio: We discussed Mukul Agarwal’s focus on the food processing sector in the first point. That being said, he has also broadened his selection in that industry. He owns shares in ADF Foods, a company that mainly exports Indian food to other nations. The other businesses, such as Parag Milk Foods, concentrate on milk and milk-related goods. It operates in a distinct industry from ADF Foods. In a similar vein, other businesses operate in various sectors. He has diversified the portfolio within the same sector in this way.

Focus on Food Processing: ADF Foods and Tasty Bites are two direct food processing stocks in the portfolio. In addition to these two direct examples, this category can also include companies such as Parag Milk and Modi Naturals. Each of these businesses offers food products that are consumed in one way or another. There are a fair number of these stocks in the portfolio. Notably, GM Breweries can also be included in this group. Food consumption has thus been assigned a high priority in the portfolio

What does a Mukul Agarwal Portfolio tell about Investment Strategy?

Focus on Internal Consumption: One theme that appears often in his portfolio is internal consumption. I have already mentioned that his portfolio has a food-processing theme. The Internal Consumption theme includes the food processing theme. The theme of hospitality is also included in this internal consumption. As you can see, six businesses have so far been included in this theme.

Focus on Sectors of the Future: Mukul Agarwal is focused on future-oriented sectors. India is the country with the second-highest population after China, and it will soon overtake China. The consumption of food products and food-related items will rise with this kind of population. Take note that as consumers’ disposable income rises, so does their food intake. Thus, he has included distinctive businesses that operate in this market to capitalize on this idea. The Plastics segment is the other. Hate it for reasons related to the global environment, but it’s here to stay. He owns businesses in this industry, and this portfolio contains multiple businesses from this industry.

Monopoly Companies are loved: He adores Monopoly companies or businesses with distinctive offerings that will continue to be in demand. The treatment of water is one such area. He has selected the water treatment business ION Exchange. Among them is KDDL. The biggest watch dial manufacturer in the world is KDDL. Therefore, the likelihood is that the dials on any brand of watch you wear are manufactured by KDDL. It is a unique company with a monopoly business because of this. Another exceptional business that he has in his portfolio is Modi Naturals. It is India’s biggest processor of natural oil. Mukul Agarwal therefore has a fondness for Monopoly businesses that have a bright future and engage in distinctive industries.


The investment portfolio of Mukul Agarwal provides an interesting case study of profitable, ethical investing. It represents a dedication to research, a broad strategy, and an astute comprehension of the dynamics between risk and reward. Mukul’s portfolio shows a more comprehensive outlook that includes social responsibility and a dedication to leaving a positive legacy, in addition to financial gains. 

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