Menendez Brothers Movie Review

Menendez: Blood Brothers is an upcoming movie directed by Fenton Bailey, and written by Abdi Nazemian. The movie is based on the life stories of Lyle and Erik Menendez,two young brothers who were sentenced to death in Beverly Hills, California in the early 1990s for the murders of their parents. The brothers were found guilty and later cleared due to withheld testimony and police mistakes. The story revolves around a secret mission that goes bad and ends in tragedy for the Menendez family. The director, Fenton Bailey, made his debut with the movie after working on several other projects.

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The storyline and the plot are fast-paced, with strong elements of murder and conspiracy. It all starts with a surprise visit from a former associate of Lyle Menendez’s in jail, which leads him to discover the real reason why he was given the book deal he was working on. The former associate turns out to be his own half-brother, Daniel Menendez (Nico Tortorella). The two of them bond over the phone and begin to discuss the details of his past, trying to clear each other’s name.

Lyle and Erik meet up with their friend, Erickson (Benito Marto), and his son, Jafar ( Michaels). Unknown to the brothers, their father has committed suicide after shooting himself in the head. He leaves a message for his daughter, informing her that he wants her to take care of his children, which she does. Her dad’s killer was tracked to the Menendez home by Jafar who had been hired by the former associate to clean up some debts from his past.

The movie opens with a bang. Everyone at the Menendez home begins to scream as their father, Daniel, shoots himself in the head. This prompts the mother to go to the hospital only to find that her husband, Miguel Menendez, is still alive. Later, Miguel reveals that he had helped to organize the cover-up that took place so his father could commit suicide. The police are called in to investigate but are told that there is no evidence linking them to the crime.

Soon after this, a press conference takes place where Detective Chief Inspector Hector Barbosa and his partner, Officer Ross, take the news from the family. The press soon learns that the Menendez brothers were framed by a hit man known to them as “Kenny,” who hired a hit team of five men to kill the Menendez family. The hit man then tells the detectives what happened and gives them the code for the tape he made of the family. The brothers try to convince the detectives not to tell anyone else about the tape, but Ross is convinced enough to help them with their investigation.

Eventually, detectives Ross and Barbosa locate a warehouse where there are several weapons and equipment that the Mafia uses to control the distribution of drugs in Chicago. While they are conducting their search, they come across a clue that leads them directly to Joaquin. Joaquin and three other men walk into the warehouse with a gun pointed at them. As the men take the weapons, one of them hits Joaquin in the leg, forcing him to drop the weapon.

As the investigation continues, more evidence is found that will link Joaquin to the crime. However, it is too late for the Menendez family. They learn that the funeral for their father has just been arranged. Miguel and three other men go to the location. As they arrive, they notice two men having an argument with a Hispanic man (Efren Ramirez). As they discuss the situation, it becomes clear that the deceased was not just murdered, but the hit man had also kidnapped the pregnant woman (Dana Diaz).

The Menendez Brothers Movie is a sensational crime thriller that some people may find too plot heavy. However, those looking for a light hearted romantic comedy will not be disappointed by this movie. It is not as thought-provoking or as suspenseful as some other films of its kind, but it is still a fun watch. For a movie that cost fifteen million dollars to make, you would expect this to be more serious or at least slightly educational. Instead, it relies more on how the characters react to the circumstances rather than on how plot happens.

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