Kantara Box Office Collection, Kantara Movie and Kantara OTT

Kantara movie directed by Rishab Shetty, right now the top successful Kannada film, its movies cross multiple milestones such as the total Kantara box office collection is 361.45 crores, also on IMDB kantara movie got a 9.6 rating and much more.  In this article, we will explore the story, get to know the amazing cast, and find out how much money the movie made at the box office. We’ll also reveal where on the OTT platform you can view this cinematic masterpiece.

Kantara Movie: A Tale of Enchantment

The storyline of the Kantara Movie beautifully portrays the spirit of the magical place it is named for. The film takes audiences on an emotional journey by engaging them in comforting rituals, the challenges of conflicts, and the raw beauty of love and tragedy. It is set against the backdrop of stunning landscapes and rich culture. Be prepared to be captivated as the narrative develops, providing a memorable experience.

Kantara – Movie Details

GenreAction, Drama
Release Date30 September 2022
DirectorRishab Shetty
ProducerVijay Kiragandur
WriterRishab Shetty
CinematographyArvind S. Kashyap
Production CompanyHombale Films
Budget₹15 Crore
Box Office₹32-45 Crore (Approx)
Runtime2h 30m

About the Lead Character: A Protagonist Like No Other

The protagonist of the Kantara film, whose journey reflects the spirit of the landscape, is at the center of the film. The main character explores the complexity of human emotions and toughness and also reflects Kantara’s spirit. Observe their change as they overcome obstacles, creating unbreakable friendships and leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Meet the Cast: Stellar Performances

The outstanding acting by the cast of the Kantara movie is largely responsible for its brilliance. Each performer gives their part a unique personality, which helps to make the characters memorable, dramatic, and relevant. The following is a list of the gifted people who brought the narrative to life:

Name (Actors & Actresses)Roles
Rishab ShettyKaadubettu Shiva/Shiva’s father
Sapthami GowdaLeela
KishoreMuralidhar, a Deputy Range Forest Officer (D.R.F.O) officer
Achyuth KumarDevendra Suttooru
Pramod ShettySudhakara
Shanil GuruBulla
Prakash ThuminadRaampa
Manasi SudhirKamala, Shiva’s mother
Naveen D PadilLawyer
Swaraj ShettyGuruva
Deepak Rai PanaajeSundara
Rakshith Ramachandra ShettyDevendra’s Henchman
Raghu PandeshwarRaghu, Forest Officer
Mime RamdasNaaru
Ranjan SajuLacchu
Rajeev ShettyRajeev Bhandari
Atish ShettyDevendra’s Specially Abled Son
Shine ShettyDevendra’s father (cameo)
Vinay Biddappathe King (cameo)
Pragathi Rishab Shettythe King’s wife (cameo)

Kantara Box Office Collection: A Record-Breaking 

The box office take for the Kantara movie surpassed all forecasts since it connected with viewers all across the world. When we talk about the Kantara Box Office Collection is approx  361.45 crores, even the surprising part is Kantara movie production cost around 15 cores. It established itself firmly among the biggest cinematic achievements after breaking records and winning applause from experts.

Fan Theories and Discussions: Analyzing the Impact

The Kantara picture has created an explosion of fan theories and passionate debates in the film industry. We look into the effects this cinematic masterpiece has had on its viewers and examine the numerous viewpoints.

Where to Watch Kantara OTT: Streaming on Leading Platforms

Leading OTT services like Netflix now provide Kantara movies for streaming for anyone wanting to experience their charm. Take advantage of the chance to spend time in the magical realm of Kantara from the convenience of your own home. Take in every detail of the compelling story.


In conclusion, we already know a bit about Kantara and Kantara movies like about Kantara box office collection, Where we watch Kantara, and also know about his cast. The Kantara movie not only celebrates the captivating land it is named after but also captivates audiences with its powerful storytelling and impressive performances. It embraces the soul of Kantara, weaving a tale of culture, nature, conflicts, and raw emotions that will resonate with viewers for generations to come.

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