Hercules And Xena – A Love Story -Hercules and xena the animated movie: the battle for mount olympus

hercules and xena  the animated movie the battle for mount olympus
hercules and xena the animated movie: the battle for mount olympus

Achilles and Xena. If there is two love birds who have fought and won against all odds to become lovers then it would be Xena and Achilles. These two were lovers in the movie who have fallen in love with one another. It was a pity that these two lovers did not spend more time together as they had planned. Their relationship however did not last long and after several falls and fights they finally parted. Some of the reasons that have been mentioned are as follows:

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Xena had been brought up to believe that she would live a warrior’s life. As she grew up she wanted to become a fighter like her father and her mother. In the movie she had the personality of someone who always tried to get attention. She was constantly trying to get her father’s approval and she always tried to be a good friend.

Xena was born from a land known as Crete. The people there were fierce and she was brought up to think that she should live to fight another day. It was because her father was very ill and she too felt that she should live to fight. This led to her being very angry and she used to hate her father. This was shown when she tried to kill her own father.

Xena was trained by Poseidon who thought that she was the daughter he had lost. He took her to the sea where he made her go as a warrior. However she was not very pleased. However she did become very good at swimming and she used this talent to get her captured by the warlord. When her father saw her being trained to be a warrior he encouraged her and even paid for her to be trained by him. As a reward for this she went on to be known as the Fighting Maid.

Later she married Poseidon’s son and became pregnant. However he was not happy as he thought that it was not safe for a girl to get pregnant during the period when the warlord was still alive. Thus Hercules and Xena had to put aside their relationship for the time being. Meanwhile her son was given to another who had been left by his deceased father.

While the woman was pregnant, Hercules had gone off to fulfill his duty as a warrior and had not seen his little girl. However when the woman gave birth to a deformed baby it was discovered that she was actually Hercules’ daughter. However this was not good as he was then ordered by Poseidon to return to Mycenae to take care of the girl. This was not a easy task as it was very cold in the mountains for a man to enter and they were forced to sleep outdoors.

Eventually they managed to make it to the falls where the river overflowed and they came to a halt. Here they found a new home for the daughter. However the daughter soon developed an illness and needed to be taken care of by her uncle. This ended up causing much stress for both Xena and Hercules as they realised that their situation was not going to be easy. They spent the next few days trying to calm the girl down before finally going on to fight the Triad.

Finally though it was the Xena who defeated them all with a swift kick to the back. However this was not the end as they soon found themselves back at the falls where Hercules fought Poseidon for the second time. This time though he managed to push the god of the sea back and so only one thing was left for them to do. Xena took the opportunity to attack her father with such devastating force that even Poseidon was knocked back. Ultimately though it was the final blow that killed the warrior.

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