Four Horse Movies of the 1970s

Horse movies have always been loved by horse lovers. They are usually saddles that depicted the life of a horse. Some of the best horse movies on Netflix include: EQUAL EXPRESS, HIGH ROAD, GOLDEN GERSE, MOONSHOT, and most importantly, THE PIRANHA. These were all made within the last ten years or so. Each one of these movies had a major difference and portrayed a new horse man’s life. Here are the best horse movies on Netflix.

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GOLDEN GERSE (1947) This was the first horse movies ever made on television and it remains to this day one of the best horse movies on television. Steve McQueen stars as the well-endowed yet crudely smart horse trainer, Bucky O’Hare. The other major star is Clark Gable who plays the horse Champington.

HIGH ROAD (1947) This classic western drama follows a horse trader’s son as he attempts to earn his own fortune. It tells the story of a horse trader’s boy, Cottonwood, who falls in love with the black horse Sunny. Their relationship becomes complicated when Sunny becomes captured and sold into slavery to an Indian tribe. The horse, along with Sunny and a few others, become part of the bounty to the townspeople try to recover them.

MOONSHOT (1990) This is one of the many horse movies that took place in the Hollywood Hills. John Wayne stars as a cowboy who falls in love with a horse called Wildfire. He teaches the horse and its herd, named the “Meadows,” the ways of the west. His kindness and knowledge to earn him the respect of the townspeople and his horse, while making him the most handsome man in the land. The movie is full of thrilling horsemanship, and a true story of a horse’s journey toward love.

DON’T EAT THE FAILURE (1958) This is one of the many horse movies about the life of Jesse James, an escaped slave who becomes the owner of a successful horse racing track. The horsemma revolves around Jesse’s love for the horse Bell-tooth, which is owned by an English rider. This film has been nominated for five Academy Awards and later became a film version of the book of the same name. The late James Dean starred as Bell-tooth as well. Another horse movie favorite is PRADA (aka Pretty Woman) starring Barbara Streisand.

PRADA (aka Pretty Woman) The movie version of PRADA is about a beautiful woman who becomes the prized horse of a wealthy Spanish nobleman. The horse, named Promazine, betrays the nobleman, though, and becomes a champion horse in the Spanish saddle for the first time. This is an adventurous horse movie with an all-star cast that includes Marlon Brando, Gene Wilder, Yul Brynner, and Bruce Willis. It was later made into a motion picture by Carol Burnett and George Clooney.

DEAREST HORSERIE OF THE HORSERACE An adaptation of the novel of the same name, this horse movie tells the story of a horse who loves to win and race with the best. After winning a number of races, the horse is stolen from the stable where it resides. It finds its new home with a young circus performer. The horse quickly shows its prowess as a performer and is soon spotted by the ring master. Soon, the horse becomes a star as a show horse and the jeweler who trained it also begins to realize its potential as a race horse as well. As the relationship between the horse and the owner grows, so does the horse’s charm value to both the owner and the audience.

PROBABILITY RIDER An interesting and suspenseful horse movie PROTOBAITLE is about an escaped convict who travels cross-country in order to find a legendary race horse. Along the way, he captures the heart of several fair maids. The horse, named Price, is priced at ten thousand dollars and is considered a one horse wonder. It is owned by the villainous possum named Price, who intends to make it one of the most feared equine trophies ever known.