Flop Bollywood Movies of The Year In 2022

Flop Bollywood movies of the year

Worst Movies of 2022

I don’t know what’s wrong with Bollywood, it started making Flop Movies of The Year one by one they are launching flop & copy movies, public wants a unique concept with entertainment but directors are unable to make it and they are taking the stories from another movie which some people are already watched. They think the public doesn’t know about that. Some directors are making movies to earn and full fill their pockets.

1. CODE NAME TIRANGA (Action, Drama, Thriller)

Tiranga Movie Poster

This movie got 1.8 Ratings out of 10 and 628 IMDb users have given it, There are no such reports that suggest that Parineeti Chopra and Harrdy Sandhu’s movie ‘Code Name Tiranga’ is a real story and that it is based on true events. Parineeti Chopra, a bubbly actress wanted to change her image from cute to action star but failed, her film with Punjabi star Hardy Sandhu, and this movie was directed by Ribhu Dasgupta.

2. NIKAMMA (Action, Comedy, Drama)

Nikamma Movie Poster

This movie got 2.6 Rating Ratings out of 10 and 1,575 IMDb users have given it, The story is about An unemployed carefree young man who is at loggerheads with his more diligent sister-in-law. However, they must join forces to defeat a common enemy. Abhimanyu Dassani made his full-fledged Hindi debut on the big screens with “Nikamma” starring alongside Shilpa Shetty and Shirley Setia, it is the lowest-rated film of 2022, it didn’t even touch the 2 crore mark in its lifetime run.

3. HEROPANTI 2, OM-THE BATTLE WITHIN (Action, Comedy, Crime)

Heropanti Movie Poster

This movie got 2.6 Ratings out of 10 Ratings and 25,590 IMDb users have given it, The Story is about RJ entering the glamourous life of Inaaya and Laila, a notorious cyber-criminal. Action and trouble multiply tenfold when Inaaya believes RJ is her former lover. Tiger’s “Heropanti 2” and Aditya Roy Kapur’s “Om” are ranked 2 in the list of worst IMDb ratings for Bollywood films in 2022 with 2.6 ratings out of 10. Both the films ride on a massive budget but failed to pull the footfalls towards the ticket windows following this, pulled from the theatres themselves.

4. DOBAARAA (Drama, Fantasy, Mystry)

Dobaaraa Movie Poster

This movie got 2.6 Ratings out of 10 Ratings and 25,590 IMDb users have given it, The story about is A woman who gets an opportunity to save the life of a 12-year-old boy who witnessed a death during a thunderstorm that happened 25 years ago, by getting connected through the television set during a similar storm in the present. And also this movie copy of a Mirage Hollywood movie which was released in 2018 by Netflix “Dobaaraa” opened with rave reviews from critics but finishes its theatrical run with an estimated 3-4 crore lifetime, domestically. Reportedly, it was made with 30 crores budget.

5. LIGER (Action, Drama, Romance)

Liger Movie Poster

This movie got 3.0 Ratings out of 10 Ratings and 45,991 IMDb users have given it, The story is about A brave-hearted Liger who works his way up to find his dream spot in the MMA world, but his life gets complicated when he crosses paths with Taniya. a bilingual film (Hindi-Telugu) “Liger” is rated 2.9 out of 10 on IMDb making it the 4th worst Bollywood film of 2022. It was one of the most awaited releases of 2022 in the TFI but suffered huge losses emerging as a huge disaster after Acharya. It is backed by Karan Johar’s Dharma Entertainment and Puri Jagannadh’s Puri Connects, the latter is the celebrated director of south India.

6. DHAAKAD (Action, Thriller)

Dhakad Movie Poster

This movie got 4.0 Ratings out of 10 and 11627 IMDb users have given it, The story is about Agent Agni, a highly trained and deadly field agent who is entrusted with the mission to gather Intel and eliminate Rudraveer, an international humanitarian and arms trafficker who has been off the radar for ten years. Kangna’s “Dhaakad” mounted on a huge scale, it was made with a budget of 85 crores but the flop verdict of the film sent shockwaves within the industry. It came as a shock that it accumulated only 2.58 crores in its lifetime run.

7. JAHAAN CHAAR YAAR (Comedy, Drama)

Jahaan Chaar Yaar Movie Poster

This movie got 4.1 Ratings out of 10 and 8,175 IMDb users have given it, This movie is also the Worst Bollywood Movie of the Year The story is about The journey of four married friends who set off to Goa seeking solace from their ordinary lives and find themselves in – an extraordinary adventure Kamal Pandey directed this drama is receiving negative reviews from critics and audiences as well. The film is about 4 married women who feel suffocated as housewives, they go on a trip and enjoy every second there. Swara Bhaskar, Meher Vij, Shikha Talsania, Pooja Chopra are in lead roles.

8. SHAMSHERA (Action, Adventure, Drama)

Shamshera Movie Poster

This movie got 4.9 Ratings out of 10 and 56.197 IMDb users have given it, The story is about it In the fictitious city of Kaza, a warrior tribe is imprisoned, enslaved, and tortured by a ruthless authoritarian Shudh Singh. Shamshera is a legend for his tribe who relentlessly fights for his tribe’s freedom and dignity. Shamshera was expected to end the dry run of the Hindi film industry at the box office conversely this 100-150 crores film theatrical run turn out to be a huge disappointment. It failed to touch even the 50 crore mark at the box office in India.

9. RAKSHA BANDHAN (Comedy, Drama, Family)

Raksha Bandhan Movie Poster

This movie got 5.1 Ratings out of 10 and 24,763 IMDb users have given it, The story is about Lala Kedarnath, the eldest and only brother of 4 sisters, who runs a chaat shop that was started by his father. Lala promises his frail mother on her deathbed that he will get married only after he fulfills the responsibility of marrying his sisters into suitable homes first. What follows is Lala’s relentless efforts of getting his sisters married while upholding his family values. At the same time, Lala also faces hiccups on the personal front, his romantic life with his childhood love Sapna. However, Lala’s commitment to his sisters stands as a huge roadblock for his and Sapna’s love story to take off. Understanding the importance of Lala’s vow, Sapna decides to wait till his goal is achieved. Raksha Bandhan is at the no. 7 spot among the lowest-rated Bollywood films this year, it opened with mixed reviews from the critics and took a below-par start at the box office. It also emerges as one of the worst films of Akshay in 2022 in terms of box office collections.

10 RADHE SHYAM, (Drama, Romance)

Radhe Shyam Movie Poster

This movie got 5.3 Ratings out of 10 and 29,632 IMDb users have given it, The story is about In 1976, Vikramaditya, a palmist, and disciple of Paramahamsa predict Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi that soon she will declare an emergency in the country. The prediction comes true and he becomes famous but has to leave the country for the same. Two years later Vikramaditya is a renowned palmist in Italy and loves to travel all over. He returns to his house after a long time to be with his mother and friend Vedant. Biggies Radhe Shyam and Bachchan Paandey’s disaster verdict sent shockwaves within the industry, both the march releases failed to draw in the audience to the cinema halls and bombs at the box office.

11. LAAL SINGH CHADHA (Comedy Drama Romance)

Laal Singh Chaddha Movie Poster

This movie got 5.5 Ratings out of 10 and 172,406 IMDb users have given it, The story is about Laal Singh Chaddha, a simple man whose extraordinary journey will fill you with love, warmth, and happiness and will also make you laugh. Aamir Khan’s made his comeback to the big screens after four long years with “Laal Singh Chaddha”, it was one of the most anticipated movies of 2022 but it turned out to be a disaster at the box office. It stirred controversy ahead of the release over the past statements of Aamir and Kareena Kapoor Khan (female lead), following this, netizens called for a boycott of LSC. Many believe this could be one of the major reasons for the poor performance of the film in the country as it churned out very well in the overseas market emerging as the highest-grosser Bollywood film overseas in 2022.

12. GEHRAIYAAN (Drama, Romance)

Gehraiyaan Movie Poster

This movie got 5.9 Ratings out of 10 and 45,375 IMDb users have given it, The story is about Taking you on a journey into the deep-rooted intricacies of modern human relationships. The multi-starrer Gehraiyaan is a complex relationship drama, the film made headlines for its quirky story which is based on an adulterous story. It seems viewers couldn’t relate to the film, and it is the 10th worst-rated movie on the list.

These are the flop Bollywood movies are the year, Now my suggestion is please don’t waste your time if you are fond of watching movies so you can watch and waste your time. Bollywood industries need to do hard work while writing they need to think about what exactly the audience wants from the movies.

Flop Bollywood movies of the year

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