Fine Ladies: The Adventures Of Ronny and Gon – Fine girls

” Ole miss” by Bobby Rushton is one of my favorite fine girls songs. It’s a simple song with a great meaning, but it takes a few elements of the story to make it all complete. The story itself centers on two fine girls who rob a bank, they get away with it and wind up in a prison camp for over a year. When they’re released they’re determined to find their fortune again.

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They wind up in Mississippi trying to locate a lawyer to represent them when they run into a rather large-scale scam in Mississippi known as the shakedown. The scam basically requires two fine girls to pretend to be someone else so that they can run up huge amounts of debt. This act will continue until either one of the girls gets caught or the other notices the illegal activities going on. Eventually both girls are caught in the act and are given several years in federal prison. One girl manages to elude capture so she escapes from the prison.

Once she is let out of the prison she begins to run into trouble again. This time she is selling bogus documents to people who are desperate to get out of debt. As her luck continues she manages to make it to a music station where she sells the papers. The owner of the station starts to notice the quality of her music and he signs her to his very own record label.

“Ole miss” by Bobby Rushton finally has everything picked out for this tale of the rascals who were running amok in Mississippi. He puts the whole tale in the title, ” Ole miss, the beautiful one. She’s a real rare specimen. She’ll make any band wish they had a fine lady in their band.” Music is playing such a large part in the story that it dominates almost the entire song.

The main characters are two teenage boys named Gon Na and Ronnie Parks. They start off as the best of bad boys. One night, as most of the other boys are out taking advantage of a newly passed out woman, Gon and Ronnie decide to rob the store that sold them cigarettes and alcohol. Once they get inside they find out the girl is actually a legitimate cop. This leads to all kinds of trouble for the two boys who are now forced to work side by side with the new girl, Miss ” Pleasant” Parker.

Ronnie and Gon have a lot of fun scaring the life out of the old woman. Their shakedown is finally completed when Parks gets shot by a sniper and falls into a coma. He later passes on but Miss Parker soon finds the money that Parks left with, thanks to some help from her friend Ronny. Ronny tapes up the store room where Parks was held and uses it as his own private hideout.

One day, Gon and Ronnie return to the woods to use Ronny’s newly found freedom to continue their illegal activities. Meanwhile, Gon notices Leilah slipping away from the neighborhood and decides to follow her so she can help him find her. Ronny tapes up the entrance to the woods and Gon sneaks in just long enough to kill Leilah before being discovered by Parks. Parks then sneaks back out the door while Ronnie enters the store room and kills Parks with his Samurai sword.

The entire story is a fantastic example of how even the most unlikely of suspects can come through in the end. The two fine ladies in this story, Ronny and Gon, are brought together by one unlikely source-phones from Leilah. As they struggle to complete their shakedown, they discover that the tape that captured their act also captures the identity of the new masked serial killer.