Empire State Movie Review – Starring Tom Selleck and James Russo

empire state movie
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One of the more interesting films in recent years, The Empire State can be loosely compared to some of the better movies of the 1990’s. Though not as exciting or as adrenaline packed as some of the better films of that decade, it still manages to be a fun watch. If you like the escapism of a good action film, but prefer a bit of character study and political humor, then this may be just what the doctor ordered.

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Based on a true story. An enterprising security guard ( Ethan Hawke) moves to Southern California to start a family. Everything is going great until an armed robber hiding out in the desert throws a huge party for the local politicians in town. This attracts a range of unsavory characters including an ex-convict and two teenage boys who happen to live right around the corner. The mix of colorful people and unusual circumstances make for an entertaining comedy that works most of the time.

If you like your action films based on a true story, then The Emperor’s New Clothes will probably make the cut. Starring in this film is none other than the three time Golden Globe nominee, Emmannuel Chriqi. Also starring in the film is Michael Gambon as the villainous General “Buck” Turgidson. Though much of the humor is aimed at the adults in attendance, there are enough child actors in this film to make it a fun watch for all age groups. And best of all, the late Christopher Reeve is in the lead role…

Another film you must see is The Emperor’s New Clothes. Although much of the humor derives from the colorful characters in the cast, much of the humor derives from real life history. This is the third film of the Emperor’s New Clothes series, following The Perfect Weapon and The Bodyguard. The plot revolves around a pair of armored car thieves. No one knows who they really are or why they were chosen for this job…

The late Christopher Reeve plays the main character, Emmerich. The movie follows his every move, day and night. You could even say that it chronicles the heist that he is trying to steal. Although he is not the main player in this story, his presence is felt the same way as with those of the other characters. His presence is felt by the audience through his monologue, which is probably his best acting job to date.

The movie begins in Washington, D.C., where Agent Emmerich (Reeves) is checking out theiary reports at the FBI lab. While doing so, he spies Agent Kuehnert ( Garner). He threatens Kuehnert that if he doesn’t bring the stolen car back to the station, he will have to give up his title. To make matters worse, when he arrives at the scene of the heist, he sees the car has already been stripped of all its precious jewelry and put into an ice box.

While investigating the theft, Emmerich learns that the heist was organized byarette executive named Bob (Philip Seymour Hoffman). He talks to Agent Kuehnert about the robbery but before he can get a chance to tell them what they’re doing, they are interrupted by the arrival ofillance helicopter gunship. They are taken to a secret location called the Castle, where they are confronted by several heavily armed guards. Once inside, they are told that their time is up; unless they leave, they will be killed.

The next morning, they are given an additional task: deliver the car keys to an apartment building. In order to do this, they are to go through the underground tunnels that connect the castle to the other buildings on the outskirts. Once they complete their task, they see that the car has not moved an inch, and no guards have noticed them. As they return to the place where they got the keys, they are surprised to find out that the entire building has been emptied. Now, they are stuck with the job of finding a way out of the Castle and avoiding the heist itself.

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