Christmas Movie Trivia

christmas movie trivia
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Christmas movie trivia never fails to be a fun game to play as part a family. You could split up into groups or perhaps head around the whole room answering questions. Or just to pass the time in the car going over the top trivia facts. Maybe you’ll even pass some time at home, recapping what you’ve learned. You can’t go wrong with those fun trivia games.

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One of the most popular Christmas movie trivia games is the one about the polar Express. It’s a brilliant little film about the snowbound journey of the polar express. You’ll recall the little boy who gets Electrocuted when attempting to reverse the polarity and end up stuck on the dangerous journey. In this version of the story, however, Santa has the perfect solution – he sends out his North Pole Mailing List, which you can sign up for.

Some people might remember the quite awful Christmas Vacation with Will Ferrell and his buddies. You have the option of replaying all of the scenes from that movie with a few simple clicks of your mouse. You’ll find yourself laughing every time one of those guys falls off the safety rope. There are many other wonderful Christmas movies you can enjoy online, such as the sentimental The Night Before Christmas movie and Tim Burton’s enchanting animated classic, Inside Out.

If you are looking for some wonderful Christmas movie trivia about the festive holiday season, you might want to consider checking out some of the Christmas trivia contests that are available on the Internet. There are several different types of contests and they cover all kinds of subjects. A few popular categories include Christmas Movies of the Decade, Christmas Trivia Questions and Christmas Songs. There is also a number of Christmas party ideas and Christmas games that you can try using these fun Christmas movie trivia questions and Christmas songs. They really add to the holiday spirit and make the holiday season even more exciting.

How many of you have wished you could meet the voice of Charles Dickens for a special occasion? Maybe you have a child who would love to have Mr. Beanpole as their teacher. In the event that you happen to know a little about the famous author and his life and times, you may be able to get him to come and deliver a couple of his most famous Christmas movie quotes during the school year. That way, students can learn how true it is to follow Christmas customs and traditions, while learning from an entertainer who actually made it happen in real life.

The great thing about these Christmas movie quotes quiz is that they are so easy to do. All you need is a computer with internet access and a few minutes to find some interesting Christmas movie quotes and answer them in the correct manner. After answering the questions, you will receive your very own totally authentic autographed printable Christmas movie trivia question and answer. You will never look at a question the same way again.

If you have a son or a daughter who is about to enter their teens, this will make a wonderful Christmas gift for them. This can be a wonderful conversational piece and they will be very happy with this present. For a younger person, perhaps a Christmas quiz can help them learn more about their favorite characters or all about the different characters that have appeared in a certain movie. For instance, they may not realize that Hanukkah isn’t actually a Jewish festival but it is named so because of the seven days of giving during the period of the winter when the Israelites were led into slavery by the Pharaoh.

One other fun thing to do is to turn the tables on the kids and ask them to guess which film’s character is most like Santa Claus. For example, you could make it “Baldy” or “A Christmas Story.” Now, depending on the age of the person you are buying for, either one of these could work. You could even make the gift based on which Christmas movie has the best Christmas special effects. Whichever direction you decide to go with, the fact that you gave your buddy a personalized Christmas movie quiz and response set will be the ultimate idea this Christmas.

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