Charmed Season 3 – Why Are the Kids Back?

charmed season 3

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Charmed season three picks up right where its last episode ended, with the gang dealing with more secrets that they never knew existed. A new group of teenagers find that they are witches, too. Fortunately for the human world, though, they are of the ordinary variety. With jobs, friends and relationships, they aren’t necessarily evil witches, but when they band together to battle evil, their inner powers are strengthened.

Kiyo, a cute and sweet girl, has found herself very close to Ron. He is the only boy in her family, and she adores him. When she realizes she can learn to control her magical powers and become the leader of a sorority, she is overjoyed. Unfortunately, she realizes she cannot turn on her magic at will, so she must rely on other people’s help.

Ron is working with a firm that has many ex-strippers on their team. They aren’t exactly the type you would want to be hanging around with, but Ron seems to be the one that can talk his way out of any problems. Rachel Berry, another member of the group, is also enjoying her job. It turns out that she is the Charmed Queen, who runs the Charmed camp in Pennsylvania.

Everyone, except Kiyo, realizes that they have magical powers, but they don’t really know how or why. They are only half the truth, which is what makes the show great. The Charmed camp is filled with secrets that are kept by those who belong there, and not many people are brave enough to tell the whole truth. They fear that if they do, then their magical powers will be used for evil.

Lily is one of the few that are brave enough to tell everyone about her past. Although, she is told that there are bad people involved, she still decides to tell her team. This leads to a chain reaction. When one of them finds out that another is a witch, it doesn’t end there. The team starts looking for the “evil witch” they heard about.

As the show progresses, the tension grows. This is because fans have wanted to see this couple get together, especially between Rachel and Eric. They couldn’t care less about the others, only that their relationship is getting too serious. At one point, there is a confrontation between the whole team and the evil witch. However, it is easily resolved by making everyone guess who did what.

One of the most important things that make the show so great is the chemistry between the characters. You always have to wonder how everyone is going to get along with each other, because there are different personalities. It also helps if some of the characters are good at conflicts, because this will add more spice to the show. For example, when one of the characters, Max, gets mad at his team mates, he has to figure out a way to make them forgive him. He might tell them what he did to make them angry, or he might do something else.

The best part about the show is the many different seasons that it comes back with. Even though the first season ends with a bang, it has the same cast members in future seasons as well. It also allows fans to get familiar with the characters while waiting for their own spin-off. It also provides them with a yearly escape from everything that goes on in their normal lives, allowing them to enjoy the show and not worry about their daily lives.