Angelo Badalamenti

Angelo Badalamenti: Twin Peak Composer Dies At the Age of 85

Angelo Badalamenti was born in Brooklyn in 1937, he played piano and French alert as a juvenile before attending music school on a full scholarship. He passed from the Manhattan School of Music in 1960. During breaks in his studies, he befriended artists at resorts in the Catskill Mountains. He said in 2019: “I had […]

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The White Lotus

‘The White Lotus’ Ends Its Second Season with Spectacular Finale

“The White Lotus” was a thrilling and intriguing tale that began with floating bodies and a small hint throughout the journey that sex was generally transactional throughout the series. In the interim, writer-director Mike White’s sequel succeeds in being nearly as captivating, unsettling, and meme-worthy as its Emmy-winning predecessor. Jennifer Coolidge’s Tanya acted as the […]

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Avatar: The Way of Water – Epic Science Fiction Movie

Avatar Is The Best Movie of The Era It’s been almost a decade since the first Avatar movie was released, and fans are finally getting another look at the long-awaited sequel. In Avatar 2, director James Cameron returns to the world of Pandora, bringing with him new technologies and special effects that are sure to […]

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Pirates of the Caribbean – Part 2 – The Pirate Flag

The Pirate movie franchise has grown to be one of the biggest franchises in history. After all, there are three movies to date! With the third, The Island of Pirates, the franchise has picked up where the first two movies left off. While some people complained that the third film stank of not being connected […]

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