An Overview Of Horror Movies

“I’m not sure if it’s better to live in the past, or to spit in your grave.” The title of this dark comedy is taken from the title of the infamous 1987 movie “I’m Not Sure If It’s Better to Live Or to Spit in Your Grave.” This dark comedy stars Kurt Russell and George Clooney. The movie starts with a shoot out at a bus station, in the streets of New York City, during a horrible blizzard.

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When a vicious sniper accidentally kills President Reagan, his secret diary is found and analyzed by a team of CIA agents. This finds out that the shooter had once worked as an assassin for hire. His employer, a high level official, hired two hit men to take out a certain president. The first one was double crossed, and turned against the double team, killing two of them instead. The second one managed to get away, however, and planted a bomb underneath the car of the first president, killing him in a gun battle.

Now, 20 years later, an agency called OSS (Office of Strategic Services) is looking into the shooting, trying to find out who had hired these hit men. Their agent Jack O’Brien (Kurt Russell) investigates the case, tracking down the double murderer, and realizes that it wasn’t his original intention to hire hit men. Instead, he just wanted to get security for himself at his grave.

Now, Jack and his partner, Frank Burns, must escape to a island where they can get off the ship and continue their investigation. Meanwhile, FBI agent Janet Lansky (Sigourney Weaver) is assigned to the case. She soon discovers that not only the former president had been murdered, but his wife as well. What starts to unravel is a chain of events which is far from simple. In fact, the entire plot relies on a disturbing set of circumstances – with the help of some strange people, the investigation leads OSS agents to a hidden, and very dangerous, location.

Based on a novel by Richard Matheson, The Shining is both a science fiction film and horror movie iceberg. With a cast that includes Tom Selleck, Yul Brynner, Richard Dean Anderson, and David Strathairn, this movie is a great example of how a good movie can use the differences between the genres to create something truly unique. However, it is also a classic story about man vs. nature and the environment – with a killer at the end. This particular film is much like any other in the horror genre, but with a little more attention to the environment. A lot of filmmakers would have preferred to make a movie about a man killing his family, but as the movie goes on, we start to see that the environment is much more of a factor in this film.

Another great example of an environmental horror movie is Killer Klowns From Outer Space. One of the greatest movies ever made, Killer Klowns From Outer Space tells the story of an android who terrorizes the townsfolk of a small town. He begins by kidnapping a rich woman (Nancy spellman). Later, he tortures the townsfolk and their pet dog. In the end, the townsfolk go on a quest to find the source of the android’s power…but they are too late. He has powered the android with a deadly virus, and it has a deadly gas.

Some other films in this important genre are Poltergeist, The Thing, and House Of 1000 Eyes. It is interesting that these films are all within the same genre – horror. Many directors of the horror genre have found success by creating their own version of a horror film, which is evident with the popularity of horror film franchises such as The Ring, Twilight, and the newer Twilight franchise. The success of these films and the continued popularity of the genre is evidence that there is a market for this type of film.

Horror movies have a lot to offer to any genre of film. They provide shock value, they provide thrills, and most of all, they are terrifying. This is a genre that can be enjoyed by anyone. There are few genres that can match the popularity of horror films, and the fact that they are available to everyone should be reason enough to see one. If you haven’t started watching one, you’re really missing out.

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