Wipro Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026

Wipro Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026, Forecasts regarding stock prices in the dynamic world of investments frequently serve as fuel for the interests of stakeholders and investors alike. The outlook for Wipro, a significant player in the global IT industry, is noteworthy as we move toward 2024 because investors are interested in learning more about the company’s possible share price trajectory. The purpose of this analysis is to assess the variables affecting Wipro’s performance going forward and project Wipro Share Price Target 2024, 2025 & 2026.

Fundamentals of Wipro Share Price Target Overview

Market Cap₹ 2,20,677 Cr.
Current Price₹ 423
52-wk High₹ 444
52-wk Low₹ 352
Stock P/E19.0
Book Value₹ 133
Dividend0.24 %
ROCE17.7 %
ROE15.9 %
Face Value₹ 2.00
P/B Value3.18
OPM18.8 %
EPS₹ 21.5
Debt₹ 17,918 Cr.
Debt to Equity0.26

About Wipro

Wipro Ltd. (Wipro) is a leader in business process outsourcing (BPO) services, software solutions, and IT-related consulting. The company offers a range of IT services, such as research and development for business process services, re-engineering, maintenance IT consulting, custom-designed application development, integration of systems, and strategic advisory for digital strategies.

In addition, Wipro serves a wide range of industries, such as retail healthcare, banking and financial services, aerospace and defense, retail engineering and construction, oil and gas transportation and travel, media, and consumer electronics. The business is a significant force in international trade. Located in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, is Wipro’s headquarters.

Wipro Share Price Target 2024

It is anticipated that the share price of Wipro will rise during the upcoming month. The company’s share price will rise because the estimated share price range from January to December 2024 shows that the maximum price could be Rs ₹466.13 paise and the minimum price could be Rs ₹432.40 paise. It is likely to be more. The business will grow, as you will see.

Wipro Share Price Target 2024Price
January 2024₹443.40
February 2024₹449.45
March 2024₹450.50
April 2024₹451.50
May 2024₹449.60
June 2024₹450.75
July 2024₹452.75
August 2024₹456.80
September 2024₹458.90
October 2024₹460.90
November 2024₹462.95
December 2024₹466.13

Wipro Share Price Target 2025

Because Wipro has always demonstrated a commitment to customer satisfaction, changed its technological advancements, and pays particular attention to its customers, the company is currently making good profits and is expanding steadily. The price of Wipro’s stock keeps rising.

Wipro Share Price Target 2025Price
January 2025₹467.10
February 2025₹469.10
March 2025₹478.20
April 2025₹483.20
May 2025₹489.15
June 2025₹495.10
July 2025₹499.20
August 2025₹508.30
September 2025₹519.35
October 2025₹527.40
November 2025₹531.40
December 2025₹536.15

Wipro Share Price Target 2026

In 2011, the CEO of the Wipro company announced his resignation. The CEO of Wipro was Azim Premji. In 2011, he left his position. With this modification, Wipro entered a new era of its digital and cloud services.

Wipro Share Price Target 2026Price
January 2026₹538.60
February 2026₹540.65
March 2026₹543.70
April 2026₹547.75
May 2026₹552.80
June 2026₹556.90
July 2026₹559.00
August 2026₹563.30
September 2026₹566.35
October 2026₹569.40
November 2026₹573.40
December 2026₹580.23

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What is the Future of Wipro Share?

Long-term growth: Though Q1 earnings and guidance were weak, Kotak anticipates strong long-term growth from Wipro. In the medium run, downside risk should be limited by the company’s diverse revenue base and low correlation between deal wins and top-line growth. Wipro was chosen by a major US healthcare payer to redesign their entire member, patient, and provider journey. This will improve talent allocation, increase operational efficiency, and cut costs, allowing their business to grow and scale.

Strong management: The business has a strong management team and sound foundations. Given that it is committed to growing both its business capabilities and its global presence, Wipro has a good chance of continuing to grow in the future.

Strong order book: Its large order book and decreasing attrition rates are advantageous to the business. Furthermore, the business is buying businesses that can increase its profit margins. The company is a good option for investors due to its strong growth strategy and enduring client relationships. However, in the near run, macroeconomic uncertainty and geopolitical risks might affect its margins.

Profitability: Wipro has a proven track record of financial success. It reinvests the majority of its profits back into the business and has a low median payout ratio of 5.6% over the last three years. This indicates that even in difficult market conditions, it is well-positioned to maintain its growth momentum.

Valuation: Wipro’s diverse revenue streams and robust growth prospects have allowed analysts to establish price targets for the company. Right now, there is uncertainty surrounding the Wipro share valuation prospects. For those with a long time horizon, it is still a worthwhile purchase, though.

FAQ for Wipro Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026

Q1. Does Wipro Have No Debt?

A. This company has ₹ 17,918 Cr in total debt.

Q2. What Is The Five-Year Target For The Price Of Wipro Shares?

A. Over the next five years, there should be a rise in Wipro’s share price of about Rs 1325.

Q3. What Is The Target Price For Wipro Shares Over The Next ten Years?

A. Over the next ten years, it is anticipated that the price of a Wipro share will increase by about Rs 1600.

Q4. Is Wipro Stock a Sound Long-Term Investment?

A. Given its strong growth and rising profits, the Wipro share looks to be a wise long-term investment. Furthermore, Wipro’s foundations seem solid right now.

Q5. Does Wipro offer a share bonus?

A. Over its existence, Wipro has awarded 13 bonus shares. In 2019, the most recent bonus was disclosed with a 1:3 ratio.

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