The Good Witch Season Seventh Finale – Is it the End of the Story?

The Good Witch Season Seventh Finale – Is it the End of the Story?

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The Good Witch of the West is the seventh installment in the popular Disney franchise The Lion King. Having been touted as the prequel to the most successful film in the franchise, The Lion King, the movie managed to launch the entire series into the box office top twenty with the sole intention of making The Good Witch of the West the lead character for the sequel, The Lion King II. Now, the second sequel has just been released and it’s the second most anticipated movie of the summer. However, what makes this movie so special compared to the rest of the animated Disney movies? Here are some reasons…

Unlike the other two films in the Lion King series, The Good Witch of the West is set almost entirely in the West End of London. Yes, the setting is very much like the quaint town of Mouseville, the setting that was used for the first film series. But the difference is that the people of the town, mainly the witches, are very modern and they live in the latest Tollywood version of the 19th century.

Also, the central conflict of the film is once again centered on the good witch hunt. The first film focused on the evil Queen, the evil witch and the entire plot revolved around the peril of the good witch kidnapping the newborn King. This time, the story revolves around the good witch wanting to help the young King seal his inheritance. However, the story line takes a turn for the worse when the entire town discovers the identity of the good witch and the entire town goes on the rampage against the wicked witch and the good king.

In the meanwhile, the evil Queen is desperately trying to win the war against the good witch with the help of the army of the dead. However, the good witch is not willing to abandon her war against the good Queen and is willing to sacrifice herself for the good of the kingdom. The entire plot is built on the idea that the good witch is the creator of the world and the only one capable of defeating the evil queen. The only problem is, the good witch can not seem to think beyond the good of the entire kingdom. She doesn’t realize that the whole reason the kingdom needs the good witch is because they need someone with the power of thinking beyond good and the good witch seems to have the unlimited power.

I am not sure whether the movie will get renewed for a seventh season. There are rumors that the good witch might appear again but the chances are very slim. There were rumors that the sequel to the Harry Potter series finale will be the good witch part 2, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. There are reports that the good witch was supposed to appear in the sequel of the Twilight saga, but there are rumors stating that the project has been canceled and the project writer has stepped down. I guess the question is: will the sequel to the Harry Potter series finale be made by the same company who made the Harry Potter series?

One of the biggest complaints about the seventh season of the Harry Potter series is the lack of closure. People have always been looking for the good witch, the magical fairy, the powerful wizard, the dark knight, the savior, the bride, the magic sword, the ring, the invisibility cloak, the time turner, the patronus, the horoscope, the diagon alley, the prophecy, the snake charmer, the dark arts, the dark force, the half-blood wizard, the dark lord, the giant toe, the entry pass, the dark arts expert, the dark knight’s, the Phoenix, the scepter, the seeker, the Phoenix’s nest, the time turner, the dark hag, the snake charming, the dark wizard, the souldier than the six-shooter, the good witch, the champion of the good, the best witch, the most powerful witch, the most talented witch, the most skillful of the witches, the most deadly witch, the most talented magic user, the most powerful wizard, the most skillful of the magicians and the most talented of the wizards. There has to be a good ending. If the good witch doesn’t show up, then the entire series is a waste of time and money. I’m sure there were many loyal Harry Potter fans who will be disappointed. Personally, I feel the Harry Potter films have been very good and I would even go as far as to say they are the best movie series ever made.

There are several theories circulating around the Internet as to what the conclusion to the good witch season finale should be. Some fans are hoping that the final scene should simply be one big happy event. They see the good witch blowing Peter Lupin away with a love potion. Some other fans are hoping for a shocker and a reveal of the secret half-blood wizard and the half-human who are running the dark shop where the whole action takes place. And some fans are hoping the good witch gets a makeover and becomes something new like the old lady in the pink flicker.

What do you think the conclusion to the good witch season 7 should be? What are your hopes and dreams for the future of the series? Are you going to continue the exploits of the good witch until the last episode of the seventh season bows out? Only you can decide.

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