The Blacklist – ninth Season

There is plenty more behind The Blacklist season 9. I’ll get back to that in a second. In the meantime, I thought I’d let you know what the new episodes have to offer. It’s my hope that you find them as enjoyable as I do.

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blacklist season 9

Set after the events of season eight, the conclusion of The Blacklist season 9 sees Michael Kelly returning as Oliver Queen. Though he has no super powers, he does possess a wealth of knowledge and a vast network of contacts thanks to everything he learned in his time as Kingpin. However, with all of his resources at his disposal, he is faced with the question of whether or not he can save anyone from himself. If you’re not a fan of Edwardia Melville, you may want to skip this entire show.

With the addition of Tom Cruise as John Hickenhock, The Blacklist season 9 takes another big step forward in ensuring that The Blacklist is as entertaining as it can be. Hickenhock’s John Blake is an ex-convict turned FBI agent who is believed to be a key component in the scheme that brought down the current President. He may have the power to stop the crime spree that has plagued Chicago for so long, but how can he control the wide spread mob influence that has permeated his community?

This is just one example of how The Blacklist really excels at its core story. I’m not the biggest fan of crime dramas in general, but this one is very enjoyable. Even though it was slightly less gripping than the previous seasons, I found it to be enthralling. I especially found the twist at the end of the seventh season very thrilling. For a comedy, The Blacklist is quite adept at developing emotional elements within its characters. Though there is still some wholesome material, The Blacklist truly is a dark horse in the competitive world of television.

Another element that The Blacklist adds to its charm is the stellar voice of Diego Klattenhoff. Although not quite as popular as Jim Cavuto or Michael Chiklis, Diego continues to impress with his strong acting skills. In particular, his performance as John Blake is remarkable. Although not as poignant as what you would expect from a character such as Blake, Diego provides quite a bit of humor with his character. As a result, the audience rarely feels that tension or disappointment that occurs with the ending of some of the previous seasons.

If there is one thing that I feel the series needs more of, it’s new recruits. Although the new additions to the cast are great in a way, they simply do not add enough stars to the already stellar cast. There is little mystery as to how the plot of the show will be unraveled, and for that reason the character’s motivations are often left ambiguous. By bringing in better actors such as unsexy blonde Rosemary Clooney or rumba-dancing diva Natalya Barr to replace outgoing starslike Lindsay Lohan and Jason Priestley, The Blacklist season nine should have had a much better cast.

The show has been praised for many episodes in which it depicts the trials and tribulations of people living under the oppressive regime of the Feds. The show does an excellent job at highlighting the struggles that people go through when they find themselves unable to trust or stand by the law. For that reason, The Blacklist season nine is sure to receive critical acclaim when it returns for its tenth season next Tuesday.

The Blacklist is currently the most watched drama series on FX. With a number of popular celebrities involved in the show (including guest stars Tarzan and Jennifer Aniston), it’s no wonder that the ratings have been high. Even so, FX has decided to give the show a minor makeover for its ninth season. I have always thought that the show was great, but now I am not so sure. So my prediction is that The Blacklist will once again find itself on top of cable television’s list of best dramas next Tuesday.