Review of Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 6 – “Reinventing Romance”

Attack on Titan may be short, but its appeal is definitely not what people make it out to be. It’s actually very packed with entertainment and themes that are enough to keep you hooked from start to finish. From the fight between the Titans to the ultimate battle against the monsters, Attack on Titan has it all.

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attack on titan season 4 episode 6

The season four premiere of Attack on Titan has us eagerly anticipating the next episode, wherein our heroes find themselves smack in the middle of an intense and climactic conflict. After saving the villagers from the clutches of a band of Titans, they decide to help the recently arrived Earthlings fight off the monsters. At that point, the series introduces a new character, Stacia. Based on Eren Yeh’s original illustrations from the original Japanese draft of Attack on Titan, Stacia is a young woman who wields a sharp sword and seemingly magical powers. We see her in the previous episode, where she wields a blade as if it’s her only weapon against the monsters.

Stacia’s presence forces the Titans to split up and go after her, leaving Titan’s group completely defenseless against the monsters. The rest of the episode is spent showing how the other Titans cope with their new arrivals. When the new recruits learn of their friend’s impending death, they come to her rescue. Her role in this episode is not that of a love interest for Eren, but more as an addition to the group to give them moral support.

During the battle at the outskirts of Wallalore, Stacia uses her powerful nape skills to confuse and distract the enemy titans. She then uses her unique combination of throwing knives and thunder spears to kill the enemy titans. As the Titans continue to fight the monsters outside the city, they encounter another mysterious figure. With the ability to form his jaws from the teeth of a massive shark, the mysterious Titan attacks the other titans.

This time, the titans are able to fend off the attack. In the process, they discover the source of their weakness – the attack was triggered by a mysterious and powerful artifact known as the war hammer titan. With the help of the new recruits, the newly arrived recruits are able to overpower the Titan and retrieve the powerful war hammer. Stacia then joins the fight against the Titans as she kills the war hammer titan in order to free the remaining Titans from her grasp.

After the Titan’s attack on titan is repelled, the Survey Corps arrive just in time to save the civilians caught in the crossfire and recover the unconscious Mikasa. Before the Survey Corps could do much to help Mikasa, however, the Aerial Titan appears and attacks the Troops on the ground. Mikasa, with the help of Peter, becomes capable of defeating the Aerial Titan, but the timely arrival of the full-grown Titans and the arrival of Surveyor reinforcements makes the battle more difficult.

The series ends with the Aerial Titan attacking the Earth and forcing the citizens of Tokyo to evacuate the city. Back at home, the Surveyors learn that the Survey Association has secretly been providing a mysterious artificial intelligence, Nape, to the military forces as a means to control the Titans. When the Attack on Titan was released, the military was ordered to cease operations immediately so the AI could be analyzed for its capabilities. The mysterious and strong Nape soon gains the attention of both the Surveyors and the public who want to see what she can do.