Pro Kabaddi League (PKL): Game On in 2023!

Whoever claimed that cricket is the only sport in India that attracts spectators hasn’t had a chance to see the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) revolution. In all four of its seasons, the Pro Kabaddi League has seen an increase in television viewership, making it the only league in India to do so. Based on a BARC India research titled “Rise of Indian Sports Leagues,” it is the most popular non-cricket property in India with an audience share of 61%, followed by the Indian Super League (ISL) at 16%.

How Pro Kabaddi League Has Uplifted The Sport In India?

The Kabaddi World Cup 2016 has had a greater contribution share from female viewers than it has since the Pro Kabaddi League. The ISL was surpassed by the Kabaddi World Cup 2016 in terms of viewership. Of all the properties, Kabaddi also receives the largest contribution from the younger age groups, which are 4–14 years and 15–30 years. Most people who watch kabaddi as a sport are from AP/Telangana, Karnataka, and Maharashtra/Goa. Nonetheless, compared to the Kabaddi World Cup 2016, Maharashtra and Goa’s share in the Pro Kabaddi League is substantially more.

The network has benefited from Star India’s choice to air the Pro Kabaddi League on movie channels Star Gold, Maa Movies, and Star Suvarna Plus in addition to Star Sports, since over 80% of viewers for both seasons have come from the telecast on movie channels. With a 41% audience share, Star Gold holds the biggest piece of the pie.

With Yuvraj Singh costing Rs 16 crore, he is the most expensive player in IPL history, proving that cricket is clearly the future. The Delhi Daredevils purchased him for that sum in 2015. However, Kabaddi is posing a serious threat to the Indian Super League, where Diego Forlan (Uruguay) of Mumbai City FC is the highest-paid player (Rs 6 crore), after Tomar secured an offer of Rs 93 lakh.

The full schedule for the historic tenth season of the Pro Kabaddi League has been revealed. The 132-match league stage will take place between December 2, 2023, and February 21, 2024. The Pro Kabaddi League playoff schedule will be revealed.

Teams in Pro Kabaddi League

In just two years, the competition that began with eight teams—Delhi, Jaipur, Patna, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Pune—has caught the interest of viewers nationwide. Nowadays, players like Rahul Chaudhuri, Ajay Thakur, Manjeet Chhillar, and Anup Kumar are well-known figures in society.

Social media is another platform where the league’s appeal is evident; both the official Pro Kabaddi League accounts and the accounts of individual teams have sizable fan bases. With a million likes on their official Facebook profile, Dabang Delhi is poised to become the first team in history, demonstrating the enormous fan base for both the squad and the sport. With about 9.5 lakh followers, the Pro Kabaddi League’s official Facebook page has a high level of social media involvement. Other teams with more than half a million likes, such as Puneri Paltan and U Mumba, also have good numbers. Twitter was trending with the issue on the day of the season 5 auction.

It could seem like a detriment to some people to bring an indigenous and rural sport into a fancy venue. But Kabaddi’s popularity has exploded, with two leagues at the top of the rankings, proving that its rural appeal transcends theories. Its emergence in this region of the world may be explained by the fact that the sport has roots in Tamil Nadu, India, where its participants can relate to one another. The Pro Kabaddi League held two seasons in a single year, a testament to the popularity of the sport. Let’s hope that in the near future, the Pro Kabaddi League stars will be honored in a similar manner to the Indian cricket team.

Pro Kabaddi League Match Subsequent Stops

For Pro Kabaddi League Season 10, the Pro Kabaddi League will resume its 12-city caravan format, starting in Ahmedabad at the Arena by TransStadia and traveling to the hometowns of the other 11 franchises. Every location will hold eleven games.

Ahmedabad (2–7 December 2023), Bengaluru (8–13 December 2023), Pune (15–20 December 2023), Chennai (22–27 December 2023), Noida (29 December 2023 – 3 January 2024), Mumbai (5–10 January 2024), Hyderabad (19–24 January 2024), Patna (26–31 January 2024), Delhi (2–7 February 2024), Kolkata (9–14 February 2024), and Panchkula (16–21 February) will be the Pro Kabaddi League ‘s subsequent stops.

The Gujarat Giants and Telugu Titans will play the inaugural game of Pro Kabaddi League Season 10. This season, there won’t be any triple headers. The games begin at 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. IST.

Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) – Season 10 (2023) Schedule

Sr. No.MatchDateTimeLocation
1Gujarat Giants vs Telugu TitansSaturday, 2nd December 20237 PMAhmedabad
2U Mumba vs UP Yoddhas Saturday, 2nd December 20238 PMAhmedabad
3Tamil Thalaivas vs Dabang DelhiSunday, 3rd December 20237 PMAhmedabad
4Gujarat Giants vs Bengaluru BullsSunday, 3rd December 20238 PMAhmedabad
5Puneri Paltan vs Jaipur Pink PanthersMonday, 4th December 20237 PMAhmedabad
6Bengaluru Bulls vs Bengal WarriorsMonday, 4th December 20238 PMAhmedabad
7Gujarat Giants vs U MumbaTuesday, 5th December 202238 PMAhmedabad
8Telugu Titans vs Patna PiratesWednesday, 6th December 202237 PMAhmedabad
9UP Yoddhas vs Haryana SteelersWednesday, 6th December 202238 PMAhmedabad
10Bengal Warriors vs Jaipur Pink Panthers Thursday, 7th December 202237 PMAhmedabad
11Gujarat Giants vs Patna PiratesThursday, 7th December 202238 PMAhmedabad
12Bengaluru Bulls vs Dabang Delhi Friday, 8th December 20237 PMBengaluru
13Puneri Paltan vs U MumbaFriday, 8th December 20238 PMBengaluru
14Bengaluru Bulls vs Haryana SteelersSaturday, 9th December 20237 PMBengaluru
15UP Yoddhas vs Telugu TitansSaturday, 9th December 20238 PMBengaluru
16Bengal Warriors vs Tamil ThalaivasSunday, 10th December 20237 PMBengaluru
17Dabang Delhi vs Haryana SteelersSunday, 10th December 20238 PMBengaluru
18Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Gujarat GiantsMonday, 11th December 20237 PMBengaluru
19Bengaluru Bulls vs UP Yoddhas Monday, 11th December 20238 PMBengaluru
20Bengal Warriors vs Patna PiratesTuesday, 12th December 20238 PMBengaluru
21Tamil Thalaivas vs Telugu TitansWednesday, 13th December 20237 PMBengaluru
22Bengaluru Bulls vs Jaipur Pink PanthersWednesday, 13th December 20238 PMBengaluru
23Puneri Paltan vs Haryana SteelersFriday, 15th December 20237 PMPune
24U Mumba vs Patna PiratesFriday, 15th December 20238 PMPune
25Puneri Paltan vs Bengal WarriorsSaturday, 16th December 20237 PMPune
26Telugu Titans vs Dabang DelhiSaturday, 16th December 20238 PMPune
27Patna Pirates vs Jaipur Pink PanthersSunday, 17th December 20237 PMPune
28U Mumba vs Tamil ThalaivasSunday, 17th December 20238 PMPune
29Bengal Warriors vs UP YoddhasMonday, 18th December 20237 PMPune
30Puneri Paltan vs Dabang DelhiMonday, 18th December 20238 PMPune
31Haryana Steelers vs Gujarat GiantsTuesday, 19th December 20238 PMPune
32Jaipur Pink Panthers vs UP YoddhasWednesday, 20th December 20237 PMPune
33Puneri Paltan vs Bengaluru BullsWednesday, 20th December 20238 PMPune
34Tamil Thalaivas vs Patna PiratesFriday, 22nd December 20237 PMChennai
35Haryana Steelers vs Telugu Titans Friday, 22nd December 20238 PMChennai
36Tamil Thalaivas vs Jaipur Pink Panthers Saturday, 23rd December 20237 PMChennai
37Gujarat Giants vs UP YoddhasSaturday, 23rd December 20238 PMChennai
38U Mumba vs Bengal WarriorsSunday, 24th December 20237 PMChennai
39Bengaluru Bulls vs Telugu TitansSunday, 24th December 20238 PMChennai
40Bengal Warriors vs Dabang DelhiMonday, 25th December 20237 PMChennai
41Tamil Thalaivas vs Haryana SteelersMonday, 25th December 20238 PMChennai
42Puneri Paltan vs Patna PiratesTuesday, 26th December 20238 PMChennai
43Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Dabang DelhiWednesday, 27th December 20237 PMChennai
44Tamil Thalaivas vs Gujarat GiantsWednesday, 27th December 20238 PMChennai
45Patna Pirates vs Haryana SteelersFriday, 29th December 20237 PMNoida
46UP Yoddhas vs Bengaluru BullsFriday, 29th December 20238 PMNoida
47Telugu Titans vs U MumbaSaturday, 30th December 20237 PMNoida
48UP Yoddhas vs Dabang DelhiSaturday, 30th December 20238 PMNoida
49Gujarat Giants vs Bengal WarriorsSunday, 31st December 20237 PMNoida
50Tamil Thalaivas vs Bengaluru BullsSunday, 31st December 20238 PMNoida
51Telugu Titans vs Puneri Paltan Monday, 1st January 20247 PMNoida
52UP Yoddhas vs Patna Pirates Monday, 1st January 20248 PMNoida
53Gujarat Giants vs Dabang DelhiTuesday, 2nd January 20248 PMNoida
54Haryana Steelers vs Jaipur Pink PanthersWednesday, 3rd January 20247 PMNoida
55UP Yoddhas vs Puneri Paltan Wednesday, 3rd January 20248 PMNoida
56 Patna Pirates  vs Dabang Delhi Friday, 5th January 20247 PMMumbai
57U Mumba vs Bengaluru BullsFriday, 5th January 20248 PMMumbai
58U Mumba vs Jaipur Pink PanthersSaturday, 6th January 20247 PMMumbai
59Telugu Titans vs Gujarat GiantsSaturday, 6th January 20248 PMMumbai
60Puneri Paltan vs Tamil ThalaivasSunday, 7th January 20247 PMMumbai
61Bengal Warriors vs Haryana SteelersSunday, 7th January 20248 PMMumbai
62Bengaluru Bulls vs Patna PiratesMonday, 8th January 20247 PMMumbai
63U Mumba vs Dabang Delhi Monday, 8th January 20248 PMMumbai
64Telugu Titans vs Bengal WarriorsTuesday, 9th January 20248 PMMumbai
65UP Yoddhas vs Tamil ThalaivasWednesday, 10th January 20247 PMMumbai
66U Mumba vs Haryana SteelersWednesday, 10th January 20248 PMMumbai
67Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Telugu TitansFriday, 12th January 20247 PMJaipur
68Puneri Paltan vs Gujarat Giants Friday, 12th January 20248 PMJaipur
69Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Puneri PaltanSaturday, 13th January 20247 PMJaipur
70UP Yoddhas vs Bengal WarriorsSaturday, 13th January 20248 PMJaipur
71Haryana Steelers vs Tamil Thalaivas Sunday, 14th January 20247 PMJaipur
72Dabang Delhi vs Patna PiratesSunday, 14th January 20248 PMJaipur
73Bengal Warriors vs Bengaluru BullsMonday, 15th January 20247 PMJaipur
74Jaipur Pink Panthers vs U MumbaMonday, 15th January 20248 PMJaipur
75Patna Pirates vs Tamil ThalaivasTuesday, 16th January 20248 PMJaipur
76Dabang Delhi vs Gujarat GiantsWednesday, 17th January 20247 PMJaipur
77Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Haryana SteelersWednesday, 17th January 20248 PMJaipur
78Patna Pirates vs UP YoddhasFriday, 19th January 20247 PMHyderabad
79Telugu Titans vs Bengaluru BullsFriday, 19th January 20248 PMHyderabad
80Dabang Delhi vs U MumbaSaturday, 20th January 20247 PMHyderabad
81Telugu Titans vs UP YoddhasSaturday, 20th January 20248 PMHyderabad
82Gujarat Giants vs Puneri PaltanSunday, 21st January 20247 PMHyderabad
83Bengaluru Bulls vs Tamil ThalaivasSunday, 21st January 20248 PMHyderabad
84Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Bengal WarriorsMonday, 22nd January 20247 PMHyderabad
85Telugu Titans vs Haryana SteelersMonday, 22nd January 20248 PMHyderabad
86U Mumba vs Puneri PaltanTuesday, 23rd January 20248 PMHyderabad
87Haryana Steelers vs Dabang DelhiWednesday, 24th January 20247 PMHyderabad
88Telugu Titans vs Tamil ThalaivasWednesday, 24th January 20248 PMHyderabad
89Patna Pirates vs Bengal WarriorsFriday, 26th January 20247 PMPatna 
90U Mumba vs Gujarat GiantsFriday, 26th January 20248 PMPatna 
91Patna Pirates vs Puneri PaltanSaturday, 27th January 20247 PMPatna 
92Dabang Delhi vs UP YoddhasSaturday, 27th January 20248 PMPatna 
93Tamil Thalaivas vs U MumbaSunday, 28th January 20247 PMPatna 
94Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Bengaluru BullsSunday, 28th January 20248 PMPatna 
95Haryana Steelers vs Bengal WarriorsMonday, 29th January 20247 PMPatna 
96Patna Pirates vs Gujarat GiantsMonday, 29th January 20248 PMPatna 
97Puneri Paltan vs Telugu TitansTuesday, 30th January 20248 PMPatna 
98Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Tamil ThalaivasWednesday, 31st January 20247 PMPatna 
99Patna Pirates vs Bengaluru BullsWednesday, 31st January 20248 PMPatna 
100Dabang Delhi vs Bengal WarriorsFriday, 2nd February 20247 PMDelhi
101Gujarat Giants vs Haryana SteelersFriday, 2nd February 20248 PMDelhi
102UP Yoddhas vs U MumbaSaturday, 3rd February 20247 PMDelhi
103Dabang Delhi vs Telugu TitansSaturday, 3rd February 20248 PMDelhi
104Gujarat Giants vs Tamil ThalaivasSunday, 4th February 20247 PMDelhi
105Bengaluru Bulls vs U MumbaSunday, 4th February 20248 PMDelhi
106Jaipur Pink Panthers vs Patna PiratesMonday, 5th February 20247 PMDelhi
107Dabang Delhi vs Puneri PaltanMonday, 5th February 20248 PMDelhi
108Tamil Thalaivas vs UP YoddhasTuesday, 6th February 20248 PMDelhi
109Bengaluru Bulls vs Puneri PaltanWednesday, 7th February 20247 PMDelhi
110Dabang Delhi vs Jaipur Pink PanthersWednesday, 7th February 20248 PMDelhi
111Bengal Warriors vs Gujarat Giants Friday, 9th February 20247 PMKolkata
112Haryana Steelers vs UP YoddhasFriday, 9th February 20248 PMKolkata
113Patna Pirates vs U MumbaSaturday, 10th February 20247 PMKolkata
114Bengal Warriors vs Telugu TitansSaturday, 10th February 20248 PMKolkata
115Tamil Thalaivas vs Puneri PaltanSunday, 11th February 20247 PMKolkata
116Bengaluru Bulls vs Gujarat Giants Sunday, 11th February 20248 PMKolkata
117UP Yoddhas vs Jaipur Pink PanthersMonday, 12th February 20247 PMKolkata
118Bengal Warroirs vs U MumbaMonday, 12th February 20248 PMKolkata
119Patna Pirates vs Telugu TitansTuesday, 13th February 20248 PMKolkata
120Dabang Delhi vs Tamil ThalaivasWednesday, 14th February 20247 PMKolkata
121Bengal Warriors vs Puneri PaltanWednesday, 14th February 20248 PMKolkata
122Haryana Steelers vs Patna PiratesFriday, 16th February 20247 PMPanchkula
123Telugu Titans vs Jaipur Pink PanthersFriday, 16th February 20248 PMPanchkula
124Haryana Steelers vs U MumbaSaturday, 17th February 20247 PMPanchkula
125UP Yoddhas vs Gujarat GiantsSaturday, 17th February 20248 PMPanchkula
126Tamil Thalaivas vs Bengal WarriorsSunday, 18th February 20247 PMPanchkula
127Dabang Delhi vs Bengaluru BullsSunday, 18th February 20248 PMPanchkula
128Gujarat Giants vs Jaipur Pink PanthersMonday, 19th February 20247 PMPanchkula
129Haryana Steelers vs Puneri PaltanMonday, 19th February 20248 PMPanchkula
130U Mumba vs Telugu TitansTuesday, 20th February 20248 PMPanchkula
131Puneri Paltan vs UP YoddhasWednesday, 21st February 20247 PMPanchkula
132Haryana Steelers vs Bengaluru BullsWednesday, 21st February 20248 PMPanchkula

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