No Mercy In Mexico – Shows graphic Executions

No Mercy In Mexico – Shows graphic Executions

no mercy in mexico
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“No mercy in Mexico” has become a common phrase in the Mexican Internet. As you may have noticed, most of the people who are familiar with Mexican culture, especially television shows and movies, are using the phrase “no mercy” in their everyday dialogues. Of course, there are some who use it in a bad sense. I know one person who likes to curse on others, no matter who they are. So, I really don’t understand how this phrase became so popular.

As already mentioned, the video no mercy in Mexico has been sought after on YouTube. This is indicated by the high google rankings for the keyword as mentioned by the google trends. In fact, there is no mercy in Mexico videos as in the name of the word is already a video.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand: the Mexican government is really serious in stopping drug crimes, especially when it involves the spilling of innocent blood. The media has also played its part in reinforcing the government’s fight against no mercy in Mexico. In fact, in just one day, I could find over two dozen no mercy in Mexico videos on YouTube. And that is just on one video site.

In these videos, people are hanged on a charge of drug trafficking. Their bodies are cut open and their organs are put on display so that the people watching can identify with what they are seeing. In other words, their view of the execution is not for entertainment but to identify the criminals.

In fact, one video stands out among the rest: the one where a man’s head is severed just moments after he is picked up as a suspect in a local crime. As one can see from the video, the person who was picked up did not even have a chance to speak before his head was hit and then severed. That is why no mercy in Mexico videos are so popular. It is no wonder then that many people have expressed joy while knowing that the person being executed in this video is actually a drug trafficker.

The sad part is that such a crime has been happening for so long and is getting more gruesome with each passing day. The first recorded instance of executing someone through hanging was in 1532. The practice carried on until the 1930s, when a method known as blasting which produces a sound similar to a shotgun was discovered.

That method did not work for hanging, though. Another video shows a man being beheaded by shooting a sword into his neck. No mercy in Mexico seems to be in no short supply! Nevertheless, one thing that these videos seem to share is shock and anger at the same time.

One would think that executing someone without mercy would earn one a spot in heaven. Instead, death row awaits those who are put to death in Mexico. What is even scarier is the fact that no mercy in Mexico means an automatic death sentence. Is it any wonder that so many people find the no mercy motto so appealing? Consider all this in 2021.

Another execution video shows a man on a gurney-style chair. As he reclines, the blindfold is removed. He then awaits execution. As the video progresses, the victim begins to scream, “Omar! You’ll have to die!” The executioner then holds a knife to his throat as he moves toward the unconscious prisoner and appears to move toward the knife.

In one video shown in 2021, a woman’s body can be seen just before she is executed. The executioner places a no mercy tattoo on her mid back. Then she is asked if she loves anyone and if she would like to see her husband or children after her death. When the woman makes no movement, the no mercy in mexico tattoo is placed on her back.

In one case, a no mercy gang member is heard by a television camera saying, “I’m going to kill this motherfucker,” moments before putting a gun to his head and killing him. The footage does not show the murder happening, only the words from the camera. No mercy in Mexico shows a gang member saying these things before he points the weapon at the man and pulls the trigger.

Such graphic execution videos are being broadcast by several satellite TV stations in an effort to draw attention to the death penalty. According to media sources, networks are notifying stations around the world that they will air no mercy in Mexico executions starting in April. One network executive told the Associated Press that the no mercy campaign was meant to show people what they will go through if they are put to death. The executive did not specify how these shows will differ from other similar programs, but he did say they will show people what they will do if they are put to death. If this is true, it would seem to indicate that the death penalty is not so cruel as previously thought.