New Series ‘Mickey and Friends’ Comes Back For Season Four

“imiracle Season” is the fourth season of the award-winning hit television show, Shameless. If you have not seen it, you are in for a real treat! I’ll give you a little background information so you don’t get too lost along the way. Showtime’s Shameless has been my favorite television show of all time and this will be my personal best friend during the entire run.

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miraculous season 4

Our main protagonist, Mickey (John Morrison) is an alcoholic who works as a cashier at an airline agency. He is also the father of two young girls called Lauren (Drew Barrymore) and Brooke (Lauren Bacall). Everything about Mickey and Lauren is perfect – they’re both smart and are good with people but they have that strange twinkle in their eye when it comes to money. Their relationship goes through a lot of ups and downs throughout the season. This is what makes it so exciting to watch.

The third season of Shameless was much like the first, with Mickey trying to overcome some personal losses. This led to him developing a serious relationship with Kaylee (Tina Majorino), although he still loves his daughters. The relationship with Kaylee started to change when Lauren discovered a secret that was detrimental to her mother’s well being. In an effort to save their marriage, they agree to go on a cross country trip. The whole thing was supposed to be a vacation, but everything goes horribly wrong while they’re on the road.

After getting a new car, they realized that their old car didn’t work anymore. So they went to a mechanic who fixed their car. During the fixing, Mickey noticed that something was wrong with his life. His close friend played the part of a lifetime long victim of the drunk driver that killed his best friend. It took a while for Mickey to recognize that he had a problem with alcohol. He felt very alone and sad.

Once the mechanic finished fixing their car, the two decided to go on a trip. Although they planned the trip out thoroughly, they got lost. Luckily, they found a map outside of a restaurant and they started heading in the right direction. Unfortunately, this new found map lead them to a place where everyone including their own father died.

As Mickey and Kaylee’s path crossed with Richard’s, they were attacked by a group of muggers. As they fought back, Richard had to injail himself on a broken glass. Richard then revealed that he was adopted as a child from foster parents and was told that he looked like his real father. Now, he has been searching for his real biological family because his adoptive family have all been murdered.

Richard and Mickey are now on a mission to find their real families and to kill them. What started out as a simple quest has expanded into a life changing ordeal. What started out as a selfish and self-centered act has now brought them closer to each other. As they fight, they realize that they have to sacrifice some things in order to have a better family. It is definitely a happy ending.

The Miracle Season 4 is definitely a must watch. If you loved watching the show before, you will love this fourth season as well. It just has more twists and turns than the previous seasons. The show just got better.

Everyone had high hopes for this story, but I am sure that not many viewers will be expecting a love story between a rich but not too rich man and a poor but not too poor man. In fact, I think a majority of the audience will not be expecting a love story at all. The writers handled the subject of adoption delicately. They knew that a lot of people are not comfortable watching gay relationships on television. However, they managed to include it in a way that doesn’t make it seem offensive to anyone.

The writers created an entirely new story about Mickey and Kaylee that is totally unexpected. Everyone thought that the two lovers would never be seen together. Well, it wasn’t long before everyone saw and loved them together in a surprising episode. In fact, this is probably one of the best shows that I have watched in a long time. Watching the relationship develop and seeing how the children play with their “special” friends was very enjoyable.

The writers handled the pregnancy very tenderly. There were some scenes where it felt like the mother was dying but in the end she was able to give birth to Ariel. It was really beautiful to watch the little girl grow up so quickly. I recommend you pick up the fourth season of ‘Mickey and Friends’ if you haven’t already done so.