New Cobra Kai Promo Trailers Suggests Season 4 Will Start With A bang!

New Cobra Kai Promo Trailers Suggests Season 4 Will Start With A bang!

The fourth season of the hit Sylvester Stallone action classic Cobra Kai has finally set a date. The fourth season is going to premier on Netflix this December. So what can we expect this season? We already know that Stallone is once again directing, starring in, and producing the project. Plus he has acquired the rights to the Chinese kung fu epic for a possible Chinese translation.

cobra kai season 4 release date

Here’s where we’ll find the Cobra Kai release date on Netflix. On the website for the streaming giant, you can find the December premiere date. It’s not hard to assume that the release date is for the final season of Cobra Kai. This is due to the fact that the previous episodes are already available to watch on Hulu. Now I’m not sure if Hulu is going to launch the new season of this series with or without the Chinese language option. But it would be pretty incredible if they did.

Since Stallone has directed every episode of the past four Cobra Kai seasons, I would expect there will be plenty of fight scenes and probably quite a bit of destruction. And since Stallone is already attached to the project through his deal with Netflix, I doubt he would leave fans disappointed with the finale of this season. I know I certainly would.

Now, let’s talk about the casts. Yes, I hear you asking how this will affect the future seasons of this series, specifically how it will affect the cast members. Well, since Stallone is directing all episodes of the new season, I’m assuming most of the actors are set to return. There are some new additions though, including Jason Statham as Tao, Jodelle Robinson as Alice, and Dolph Lundgren as Vinnie Barbarino.

Daniel Davids is back as Kota, the Kung Fu master, and he plays the best role of his career so far. In fact, he probably steals the show. In the Cobra Kai season four trailer we see Kota performing moves that are a cut above the ones he had in the previous films. He’s not holding back, but he is also not over executing. In the latest trailer, we also see Dan in action as Tai Lung, and you can clearly see how the character will fit into the story sooner rather than later.

In the latest teaser trailer, we also get to see the Chinese government attempting to intervene. If you remember, in the first two films, China was portrayed as a cruel and vicious force. However, it looks like they’ve realized Kung Fu has changed for the better. They might have to start making some changes of their own… Perhaps that means that the release date for the fourth season of Cobra Kai will be moved forward.

Other concerns about the future of the series have been raised by the presence of Dan Diors. He’s currently starring in the movie Invictus. However, fans of the show might not be so jazzed about the idea of having a version of Cobra Kai take the place of Kung Fu. They would prefer to see the series continue in its present location, which is in Chicago.

The new direction for the series may cause a shift in the way fans view the characters. However, if the new season of Cobra Kai continues to succeed, there’s no doubt that Kota, Dan, and Tai Lung will have many loyal fans. And that’s what the teasing from the new Cobra Kai season 4 trailer was designed to do. To whet the appetite of hardcore fans and create intrigue among those who don’t watch the series regularly. It worked.