New Characters and Recruits in Oxygen’s Second Oxygen Episode-

The official IMBD website has posted pictures of the cast and crew of the upcoming Obx season 2 premier. While there is no official IMBD cast, photos are showing up all over the internet that are giving fans an idea of what to expect in the new season. There are also a lot of casting announcements and news coming out of the show in the lead up to its July 15th premiere. There are also several deleted scenes from the first season that you can see as well.

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One of the most talked about scenes from the second season of Obx is the introduction of Barbados, the second biggest city on the island. It is here that Kate’s character is introduced and we get to see just how she has been changed by her experiences on board the ship. There is also a very intense chase scene that takes place after the ship docks at the end of the season one finale. The amazing work done by Tom Schieffer as Kate has truly made this character unforgettable.

In the second season of the show, Matt Damon returns as the villainous captivating Nassau captain Alex Karras. Damon is once again portraying someone we have come to love, but this time it seems he is even more ruthless than ever. One thing we can be sure of is that when it comes to the casting for this role, Damon will not be leaving anyone disappointed. We will just have to wait and see who gets the part.

The role of Alex Karras is taken by Djimon Hansu. This is a very exciting role for a man who has appeared in some of the best movies of the last ten years. He is playing a complex and very emotional character that have been a long time character to fill. One of the good things about him appearing in OX is that his character is more human than we have seen in the past. There is no mask or wig needed, just his face and the shirt on his back.

The other major presence on the show in the second season of OX is none other than Matthew McConaughey. Matthew McConaughey is also another man who has been extremely popular in recent times. He appears as a wealthy playboy with a penchant for cars. A new character, Shelby Foote, is introduced as a member of the sailing club on the boat that is owned by Nassau. Shelby is an ambitious woman who has fallen in love with Matthew.

The second season of the series promises even more action. The season two premiere has Dr. David Strickler (scenes from the first season were also shown in the second), a neurosurgeon and a world-class surgeon. In the first episode, he attempts to separate the brain of a dead woman bearing resemblance to Kate Winslet’s. Kate is also in the spotlight as the mother of one of the passengers on the OX that was hit by the boat in the first episode. She is trying to save her baby.

There is also a major breakout. Alex Winter, who played the same role as Alex Cross in the first season, is set to join the cast. In the past, Alex went on to play a different character on the CBS show, but has decided to join the cast of OX as a result of the success that Daviss had cast him. So fans can look forward to more familiar faces on the cast as the show progresses.

One other important character that has been added to the cast of OX is the character of Jacob Parker. This is the son of Matt Damon’s character, in the second season of the CBS drama. His character is called in as a mentor to Alex. Though it’s not clear when we will see Jacob onscreen, he was seen in a recent episode, playing the role of a fisherman on the fishing boat. It is possible that he may show up on the beach as a guest star in the second season. He already has a small number of episodes left to shoot, so he may appear in the finale, or at least get a small scenes.