Merchant Navy Salary – Highest Salary in India Govt Job

Merchant Navy Salary

Working in the Merchant Navy can be highly rewarding. Usually, the monthly Merchant Navy Salary in India ranges between INR 40,000 – 90,000. Like any other job, the Merchant Navy salary also is up to the rank, experience, and location of the employee. The highest Merchant Navy salary in India could go up to as much as INR 8.65 Lakh – 20 Lakh per month. In Merchant Navy, the usual seaman salary can be up to INR 8 LPA after getting substantial years of experience for about 5 – 10 years. 

In order to join the Merchant Navy, candidates should pursue Marine Engineering Courses like BSc in Nautical Science. Even a Diploma in Nautical Science from some of the Top Maritime Colleges around the country. Students should also pursue MBA in Port and Shipping Management to get into Merchant Navy After the 12th. The minute information and according to the rank salary structure for Merchant Navy officers and also other designations are discussed below in this article.

Merchant Navy Salary Facts

  1. Merchant Navy Salary usually is upto the ranks and job position the employee holds within the company
  2. In addition to the job rank and experience, the salary is also upto the size and popularity of the company, ship types, and also countries
  3. The minimum age to join a company and be allotted to the salary scale is 17 years and the maximum falls between 25-28
  4. The lowest-paying Merchant Navy salary in India gets paid around INR 25,000-60,000 per month
  5. The highest paying Merchant Navy salary in India can get paid upto INR 10 L per month

Merchant Navy Salary in India

  1. For so many Indian young individuals, the Merchant Navy can be a great example to make money fairly and grow more professionally while being on the job. It is especially good for people who always seek adventure. 
  2. Candidates can join the company faster after finishing their class 10 exam and doing a Pre-sea Nautical diploma course. There are places in India that provide education and skills which are important for applying to Merchant Navy job positions. 
  3. The salary of the Merchant Navy in India changes according to the different hierarchical positions in those companies. As per the Merchant Navy Salary in India, the usual lowest salary ranges from INR 25,000 however the highest ranges from INR 10 L per month. 

Merchant Navy Salary After 10th

Students who have finished the class 10th exam with a minimum score of 40% marks are ready to join the GP Rating course by just filling up a registration form and presenting for a series of exams testing physical and mental skills.

  1. This Pre-sea course for General-Purpose Rating is 6 months long and trains cadets primarily for 2 roles- Engine and Deck Rating
  2. The minimum age to get into the training course is 17 years and the upper limit is 25 years
  3. After finishing the GP Rating course, candidates can start working as Engine or Deck crew
  4. Upon finishing 36 months on the board, candidates can be Officers by presenting for the 2nd Mate Examination. Gradually through further oral or written examinations, candidates can join the higher-ranking positions
  5. Merchant Navy Starting Salary comes between INR 25,000 to 30,000 and the pay scale keeps on changing based on examinations and achievements

Merchant Navy Salary After 12th

Candidates who want to join Merchant Navy after clearing their class 12 examination, must follow these criteria for the same that involve,

  1. Candidates need to have a mandatory subject combination of  Physics, Chemistry, English, and Mathematics with a total score of 60% marks or equivalent CGPA
  2. Candidates need to be from 17-25 years old during the time of commencement of the course
  3. Candidates pursuing the Pre-Sea Nautical Diploma course are trained to get the role of Trainee Cadet and Deck Cadet.
  4. Candidates joining Merchant Navy after class 12 are trained to perform good tasks such as checking tank surroundings daily basis, managing the ship, managing LSA or life-saving appliances, and fire-fighting appliances (FFA). In addition to these duties, they have to do other port work as well.
  5. The salary comes between INR 25,000 – 80,000 per month.
  6. Salary of merchant navy in India After the 12th can increase which is up to the candidates presenting for internal examinations and collecting experience.