Love Is in the Air – Introducing the Season of Love With Christian Duncan – Christopher b duncan

The author of a new book rightly states that “It’s Always Springtime Again: Lessons from the Month of Spring” by Christopher B Duncan is more than a “cookbook”. It is a road map to understanding and manifesting your love for God and your relationship with each other. This book provides a unique synthesis of wisdom, music, and movement, all fused together into an ultimate experience of living the life that God has designed for you and for those you love. A new way of living that makes a powerful distinction for each of us.

Table of Contents

The author begins the book with a simple but powerful message that “Love is never given up, it can be earned”. I liked this part because I relate these words to my own experiences as a couple, a mother and a daughter. My children are very much the product of my love and so am I. Knowing this in advance helped to provide a much-needed springboard for me to write about love and what it means for us all.

The next several chapters seek to help you understand God’s purposes for love. Is it just to get us through the season? Is it the best indicator of our true value as people of love? Are we to value and love each other based on relationships that have been shaped and nourished through seasons of happiness and pain? The author surveys many seasons and identifies four unique phases of human relationships that are vital to our growth and happiness as people. He concludes that loving is the basis for all of them.

In chapter two, Mr. Duncan looks at the way people respond to each other. How we can grow as individuals and as a couple and build that foundation for enduring a relationship. It is about building trust and knowing that you will support each other through good times and bad. It is about learning to communicate efficiently instead of simply communicating. It is about finding harmony in difference rather than focusing on differences alone.

In chapter three, Mr. Duncan discusses how spring provides the backdrop for new beginnings. When you are newlyweds or in the beginning of your relationship it is often very easy to focus on the negatives. There can be a tendency to focus on your shortcomings or your complaints rather than looking at all the positives. However, it is important to remember that the greatest gift is in overcoming obstacles and working together to achieve new goals.

Mr. Duncan encourages couples to look at summer as a springboard for a new start. While the summer might be a wonderful time to relax and enjoy life, there might also be a new opportunity with which you can begin to build a relationship. It is important to not over analyze the reasons for the end of the relationship. A better question might be why you ended in the first place. So when the spring comes and you want to rekindle love with your significant other consider the fact that summer was the perfect opportunity for a new start.

The key to creating lasting love with someone is to create an environment where love is at the forefront. If you and your significant other have been in a relationship for a long period of time and there are no signs of love developing it might be time to take a different direction. Mr. Duncan reminds readers that spring is the perfect time to focus on the importance of building a foundation. There are many areas in your life that need to be fortified and the most difficult to achieve through the course of the year.

As with any relationship, it is important to remember that every relationship is built on a foundation of love. So, if you are ready to make a new start and build a stronger and deeper relationship, you should not wait until the summer is over. There is no reason to allow something as important as love to wither away. Mr. Duncan understands that the importance of love is tied into our season and the spring is the perfect time to bring the season full circle and renew your relationship. So, when you and your significant other take a look back at the past seasons, consider what went right and wrong, as well as what you can do now to ensure your love remains priority number one. Your significant other will notice a dramatic difference when they are in a loving environment.