Heer Movie Review And Hardy: Music makes this love triangle


Heer movie story: The movie is all about Happy and Heer, that are childhood buddies and appear to be an perfect match. Then comes Heer off her toes.

She’s yet to express her feelings, though she’s fond of him. Happy follows her there when she moves to London. His aim is to woo Heer though he goes there on the pretext of getting work. Hardy is a successful entrepreneur while Joyful comes across as a guy, who fails at everything he tries. Movie falls for the latter, a twist in the tale contributes to a situation where she must choose between her man and her childhood friend.

Heer Movie Cast

What works for the’Hardy And Heer’ is that it is a simple watch. A little over two hours, the film is full of music that will appeal to a section of music fans. Shows some improvement from the department that is acting since his last outing’Teraa Surroor — A Lethal Love Story’.

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The zone appears to be a one for him. What hampers the movie is the screenplay that is weak. Sometimes, the movie comes across as a collection of scenes strung together with a plot that is barely-there. Heer Director Raka fails to make tension and the excitement that is required for a movie that is romantic. Additionally, increase its humour quotient or the dialogues don’t elevate the story. The movie is shot at locations, which adds to its appeal.

There is also a throwback monitor in the kind of the version. The music of’ Heer And Happy Hardy’ is its USP, and adds to its amusement value.

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