Grey’s Anatomy Sizzle Video – Don’t Miss the Newest Secrets

Grey’s Anatomy season eighteen is finally here! It’s sure to be one of the best seasons in the history of television, with some buzz even saying that it could rival Mad Men for the lead role in terms of ratings. I can only imagine how incredible a finale this could be… And what a kick it will be to see Alexi Gavova (Chloe Graceful) finally get off of her bus and onto a solid relationship. We’ll find out in a moment but first, here’s what we know about the season.

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The season ender for Grey’s Anatomy, the season eighteen premiere sees Alexi Gavova (Chloe Graceful) finally getting on with her life. However, the episode is riddled with conflict, and Alexi’s ex-boyfriend, Jordan (Jeremy Schlotz) makes a reappearance after spending the last few episodes shooting himself in the leg. It’s great to have Jordan back on board, as he provides comic relief as an inventive surgeon who creatively addresses Alexi’s problems, but it’s also a little weird to have him back in an episode that spent a lot of time building Alexi up to be in danger in the first place. There are good reasons why he’s back, though: it means good things for Alexi and Mr. Toledo (Pediatric Dental Associate), as well as some good moments for the rest of the characters.

First, let’s talk about the season ender, which was, of course, the big surprise for fans of the show. The new season, which begins shortly after the finale, finds Alexi and Mr. Toledo investigating the death of an infant in an upscale neighborhood of New York City. With the victim’s parents being questioned by the police, a wedge is quickly pushed between Alexi and Mr. Toledo, which lead to a tense confrontation at the restaurant where the couple is eating. If you missed the season ender, you’ll want to catch up as soon as possible, because what follows is an emotional rollercoaster of a season ending.

Judging by the Season 18 Grey’s Anatomy Sizzle Video, the new episodes are all set to feature a brand new location for Alexi and Mr. Toledo to investigate: the private Island of St. Lucia. Set in the Caribbean, the island appears to perfectly match the setting of Alexi’s wedding day, though what makes it especially interesting is that it’s the location that is featured in the grey’s anatomy season trailer. In the Sizzle Video, Dr. Addison Montgomery (Jennifer Aniston) can be seen standing beside a chart displaying the condition of Alexi’s unborn child and checking the growing ultrasound image.

This would certainly lend some much needed spice to an already compelling show. One could say the inclusion of a wedding in a romantic setting would add a certain level of complexity and interest to the characters on this show, especially since the two characters have only been married once. We’ve also been made privy to the fact that Alexi’s parents have been suspecting something fishy with regards to her pregnancy, so the addition of her parents to the cast would certainly be an interesting subplot. What makes this trailer even more exciting is the fact that Grey’s Anatomy is finally premiering its nineteenth season next Tuesday, September 21st. With nearly every fan of the show already looking forward to what comes next, this could turn out to be a major ratings success for ABC.

One interesting thing about the Grey’s Anatomy Sizzle Video is the clip not showing Alexi and Mr. Toledo’s wedding. You can definitely see them exchanging a kiss and getting hitched during the credits, but you haven’t seen Alexi and Mr. Toledo kiss before. However, after the credits, there is a shot of the newlyweds in their wedding gowns. So this means that even though the Sizzle Video was intended to highlight the good things about the previous seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, it wouldn’t be surprising at all to see a montage of the good and bad things that happened in the past seasons. That way, we get to watch them grow and mature, just like the characters on the show.

It would certainly be interesting to see more of Alexi and Mr. Toledo’s relationship. It has been hinted in the past that Alexi is feeling a bit unfulfilled in her life, which is evident when she and Tom go on a date, and she ended up leaving his hotel. The two are supposed to meet at lunch, but Alexi gets lost, and Tom ends up helping her. Even though it didn’t happen onscreen, it’s still a cute little scene between the two of them. I also liked how they both bickered with each other over who got to take Alexi out first (which was infrequent in the past).

I’m not sure why, but there hasn’t been a preview or official casting for Grey’s Anatomy Sizzle Video since May of last year. I hope that this is only a temporary thing, and the cast and crew will find time to make one. It will be very interesting to see how they do it, because even though the show is doing quite well, I am expecting something big to happen in season 18. I would also love to see more of Dr. Addison Montgomery, because she has been one of the most important characters since the first episode of the show aired. I’m also expecting some great twists for the returning characters in the coming months.